Monday, January 30, 2012

Review - Nicole by OPI Glitter in My Stocking

My mom has offered to be my hand model for all nail-polish reviews, as her nails are very well taken care of compared to mine! First of all, this nail polish was a Fall/Winter addition, and at the moment, if you're lucky, you can pick it up at your local Ulta for a fraction of the normal price. I found it in one of the clear discount bins -- I was really excited, because OPI is, by far, my favorite afforable nail polish brand. I have another Nicole by OPI nail polish that I will review sometime this week if I get around to it. This nail polish is great, because just one-two coats gives you a very noticeable luster. Compared to some glitter nail polishes, this one is not easily chipped and doesn't smudge immediately after application. I think it is a great color to pick up for the rest of the season while you still can!


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