Saturday, February 4, 2012

Current Beauty Favorites

Before I start to share my makeup tutorials, I thought I would give you the over-view of my current, favorite products, as I will most likely be using a lot of these in my posts. I say current because I am constantly finding new products that I love even more, when I buy new shades for the season. These are simply the go-to's and the basics. I would love to hear any new suggestions! I buy a lot of my products from MAC and Ulta, but occasionally I will order online or visit a drugstore if it looks promising. Here are the products, in no particular order:

                                                   Favorite Eyeshadow Stick

                                       Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Shadow Pencil in Delinquent

             This pencil retails for $20.00, and can be picked up at your local Sephora, Ulta, or online at Urban Decay. It also is a current Editor's Pick on the Urban Decay website. What I love about this product is the fact that it can be used as an eye-shadow or eye-liner. It is thick enough to easily glide on to your lids, but if you use the edge of it, you can get a thin line as well. I also recommend using it on the inside of your lower lid -- it really makes brown eyes pop! Once a primer is applied, this eyeshadow stick really does live up to its stays on strong throughout the whole night. I forgot to take off my makeup one night, and it was still there in the morning, as if I had never slept at all! This shade is pretty dark, so its more suitable for night/going out. It has a slightly glittery base, and it goes on pretty thick. This stick comes in 11 other shades, from neutral colors, to greens, to blues.

                                                     Favorite Liquid Eyeliner

                                                          Maybelline's Ultra Liner in "Black"

          You can get this eyeliner for anywhere from $6.00-8.00, depending on the store and your area. I highly recommend checking out Dollar General if you have one..that is where I found this product the cheapest. This eyeliner is great because unlike a lot of liquid liners, it is easy to apply and hard to remove (when you don't want it to come off, that is). Since it is waterproof, you have no worries going out in the rain, or even taking a dip in the won't run. The tip is not marker-like, but a brush. Some of my friends still have trouble getting a solid, unwavering line, but I'd say they have the easiest time with this liner. Another plus is that if you apply it too thick, it usually can be peeled off without smudging all over your eyeshadow. It covers extremely well over foundation and all types of eyeshadows, and stays on all night, unless you rub your eyes constantly.

                               Favorite Eyeshadow Palette 

                                  Urban Decay's Sustainable Shadow Box

  This product retails for $36.00 at Ulta, Sephora, or online at Urban Decay. Let me say, first of all, that I am not typically thrilled by eyeshadow palettes - even those that come from the most esteemed companies. Why? I have always felt like the quality of the shadows in the palette do not match those of the individual shadows. In many department stores, you can get an entire box of makeup with every shade of the rainbow for less than one eyeshadow from MAC or Urban Decay. Doesn't that seem fishy? It is. Most of these products are not high quality, and do not stay on worth anything. However, I also found that when I tested some MAC palettes, the eyeshadow did not seem to stay on as well as the individual shadows. Perhaps it was just that batch, or that particular palette, but I have strayed from them ever since. That was, until I tried this shadow set the other week at Ulta. What I love is fact that first, it comes with a free miniature primer. Second, the shades are extremely varied..there are shades for the inside and the outside of the eye, and there are neutrals and powerful colors. It's a very vibrant, Spring-like palette. Every color stays on great throughout the day. And when I say great, I mean that they trump MAC's shadows, which has been my favorite brand for years. I do not have to apply these twice over an 8-hour shift. They don't get "creases" and they don't fade throughout the day. They blend well with other brands and together. The only thing about this palette that might not be suitable for everyone is the fact that most of the shades have a lot of glitter or sheen to them. None are matte based. These shades are also available as individual shadows if there is one that you particularly like. The shades are: YDK, Flipside, Grifter, Uzi, Twice Baked, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Flash, Oil Slick, Kiddie Pool, and Half Baked. Uzi and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again have a tendency to drop flakes of glitter under my eyes and somehow end up on my nose, cheeks, and forehead when I am done (lol). But I found a way to counter this -- just hold a piece of cardboard under your eye while applying, and wash your hands before you continue applying makeup so you don't spread the glitter around.

                                                         Favorite Nail Polish

                                                              Opi's Muppet Collection

               This particular nail polish that I have shown is called "Divine Swine" and is a beautiful purple color. This Muppet collection has gotten me more compliments than any other nail polish I have ever worn! Each bottle retails at around $8-$10, and can be purchased at Ulta, on Amazon, or your local beauty store. These nail polishes came out to promote "The Muppets" movie around the holidays. I also have the Fresh Frog of Bel Air (green glitter), Gone Gonzo (blue glitter), and Rainbow Connection (white glitter with multi-colored pieces). They also have matte nail polishes in this collection which I have not purchased. This nail polish needs about three coats to have the full effect, but the end result is a super-sparkly, awesome look for a night out. The only bad thing about this polish is that it is EXTREMELY hard to get off..don't say I didn't warn you! You almost cannot get it off with nail polish remover. I had to pick mine off. Also, if you aren't careful, you can easily chip or peel away chunks of the polish if you don't allow it to dry for a very long time. But it's worth it, I swear!

                                      Favorite Way to Keep Shadow On

                                                      Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion

  Urban Decay has a few different options when it comes to primers, but I think that they have one of the best products for keeping eyeshadow on. This primer makes eyeshadow creasing less prevalent, and helps keep the eyeshadow on. To hold it throughout the night even more effectively, you can use Urban Decay's all-nighter setting spray. That spray also holds eyeliner and base makeup in place, too..but it feels sorta sticky at first. I received this tiny primer for free with the palette above, but I also have a full sized bottle, with retails for $20. You can purchase this at Ulta, Sephora, or online from Urban Decay. There is a professional primer which is $30, but I don't think that is necessary. This is the "Original" shade, which dries pretty clear. They also have nude and shimmering shades, which can highlight certain tones. I love this because it is so easy to apply with a brush, over your entire lid. You only have to wait a few seconds for it to dry.

                                                              Favorite Powder

                                              Covergirl's Fresh Complexion in "Creamy Natural 620"

    This is a medium shade of powder which is suitable for both Winter and Spring. It retails for around $8-$11 and can be purchased at any drugstore. What I love about this powder is the coverage it provides. It isn't thick, but it takes care of oil for most of the day. It comes with an application sponge, but I choose to use a brush to apply it more evenly.
                                                              Favorite Eyeliner
                                        Covergirl's Liquiline Blast in "Black"

   This is a new find for me..I saw one of my friend's friends wearing it, and I had to ask which one it was. I am constantly searching for that eyeliner that will make brown eyes "pop". I love the celebrity look -- the thin line, and the line on the inside of the bottom lid. Most eyeliners I have used that are not liquid tend to smudge below my eye, and by the end of the night they have faded altogether. I also have a problem with the type of eye shade I have -- slightly deep set. When I blink or look upwards (which the normal person does many times in one day), most eyeliners make a perfect dark line in the crease of my lid, right over my eyeshadow. Its impossible to cover, and if you add more eyeliner, it just continues to come off on my eyelid. For some reason, this eyeliner doesn't do that! And if you love the smokey, sultry look, you can use the brush at the other end of the liner to pull the liner sideways and create it. This eyeliner is sharpen-able, even if it doesn't appear that way. I paid about $11, but at Ulta they often have buy one get one half off of Covergirl products. Or, at a drug store, you might be lucky and find a coupon to use!

                                   Favorite Eyebrow Pencil
                                   Maybelline's ExpertWear in "Velvet black"
      This eyebrow pencil retails for around $4-5, and you usually get two in one pack. They last forever! My eyebrows are nearly black, so this shade works the best for me. They also have a light and dark brown. This pencil, unlike so many others, looks NATURAL! I can't stay that completely fake-looking-eyebrow look. However, I appreciate a good pencil that can help fill in any spaces that I may have over-plucked, to extend my brows to the end of my eyes, and to make my arch look even better. This pencil does that perfectly! Nobody even knows that I am wearing it, but to me, it is an essential. You should always be able to draw a line from the corner of your eye over and meet the end of your eyebrows there. Someone in a magazine once said that eyebrows are the defining feature of the face..they can really make or break your look! So why not invest $5 to make them better?

                                                              Favorite Foundation

                                                                   Clinique's Repairware in Vanilla

       Unfortunately, this foundation has been replaced by Clinique. I was so sad when I went in a few weeks ago to get a new bottle, and found that this one no longer existed. :( Foundation is one of those products that is really hard to miss, and when you find the perfect one, it is really hard to start the journey of finding an acceptable match. The laser focus foundation that they chose to replace this one, to me, is nowhere near as good. It is too watered down, and doesn't provide the coverage that this foundation does. The lady at the counter said that customers wanted something that didn't have as thick of coverage..I guess she was right. However, despite this foundation being/feeling a little thick, it does not look like cupcake frosting! It covers almost any blemish, and blends it perfectly. I have had a lot of trouble with foundations..ones that have made me look like I had jaundice, ones that caked on, ones that made weird smudges on my face..and this one was perfect. If you're lucky, you might have an outlet beauty store around. If you do, go purchase some of these! I got a bunch at almost half the retail price, so I am stocked up until I can find something with equal coverage. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? :/ I have tried a lot of drug store brands.

                                                            Best Eyeshadow
                                           Urban Decay's SWF
     These individual eyeshadows can be purchased at your local Sephora, Ulta, or online at Urban Decay. They retail for $17.00. That may seem a bit pricey, but they last forever! I have listed this particular shade as my favorite, because it is a template for so many is very versatile. It is the PERFECT light pink color for the inside of your lid, or to blend with darker colors to lighten them. I pair it with many darker colors, so I am sure it will be showing up in my posts soon. I am always on the look out for new "inside shades". I find a lot of beautiful darker colors, but not all eyeshadows can be used on the inside of the least, not during the day. If you purchase one eyeshadow in the next few weeks, definitely invest in this one, and you'll have something that works with every look! 

And this is not a beauty product, but he kept trying to get in the pictures as if it was his own personal photo shoot, lol! In the mornings when I am putting on my makeup before work, he sits next to me and occasionally runs off with eyeliners and eye shadows. In order to get them back, I have to trade him for treats. Luckily he's cute, because the dents and chew marks in my products aren't!

I am still looking for the "PERFECT" blush, bronzer, and lipstick! I may edit this soon when I pick one, or decide on one.


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