Friday, February 17, 2012

Review - China Glaze Liquid Leather


 After hearing much rave about China Glaze's black, "liquid leather" nail polish, I quickly went to Amazon and ordered one for around $5.50 with shipping. I looked for this polish in local stores, but didn't have any luck finding it. I was attracted to the diversity of looks that you can achieve with this polish (see my Pinterest Nail polish trends post for some pictures of what I'm talking about). It looks great with a layer of clear, or multi-colored glitter on top. Although I haven't tried it yet, it seems as though you can get an "ombre" look (one color fading into the next) by placing any dark color on just the top part of your nail, over the liquid leather. I tried putting a coat of glitter underneath, and I would not suggest it. The liquid leather practically covers it all, and just gets lumped up. 

Alone, there is something really great about this polish, that other shades of black from different companies don't compare to. I haven't tried the UV gel polishes, but "Liquid Leather" gives the appearance of a thicker, almost gelatinous material. When I put it on, I was surprised to find that is thin like regular nail polish -- even though the look is so different. Without a top coat, you get a very prominent luster. It takes two coats to achieve the dense black color of my mom's nails, pictured below.

At my job, my nails get scruffed up from constantly touching money and bagging items, but when I wasn't at work for a few days, the polish remained in place. It doesn't chip easily, but its quick to remove when you need to. It dries quickly, if you don't goop the polish up in one coat...allow two, and then they dry quickly. I can't wait to try some new looks with this! All-in-all, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an attention-getting black. 


  1. never wore black pollish. I need to be more daring.

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