Thursday, March 1, 2012

Redecorating my Room.. WAY OVERDUE!

So, for the past few weeks my mom and I have been updating my room, as I'll be staying with my family for another year or two while I prepare to head off to medical school. Since I was at college the past four years, I always got to decorate my new dorm room and keep it up-to-date with my ever-changing style. I left my room at home the way it was while I was away... meaning, it hasn't been updated since I was in 9th grade. And in 9th grade, I was all into the weird and wonderful... like tarot cards, astrology, the stars, etc etc. I decided, at that point, to take my white, wallpapered room and paint it black. I also painted the floor black, and proceeded to stencil silver stars and constellations on every square inch. There seems to be a lot of stigma surrounding black walls in any room. To an extent, I understand -- the lighting really is diminished, and it can be hard to cover. It took two coats, but the paint did cover...I opted for a rich, dark red this time. Some before and after photos are posted below. The before photos were taken with an ancient camera, and I had to dig far into old folders scattered on my computer to find them. ;) I wanted to show how my room is evolving over the next few weeks. There is another side of the room that is not visible in the pictures, as well as a small walk-in closet. I plan on buying a rug, some seating pillows, and some sort of lighting to create a cozy ambiance and lounge area. In the closet, my mom plans on using paper bags to create a textured look. I am also going to buy some wall decals and art to hang up. In a future post, I will show you some handmade wall decals that I made in college, and tell you how I did it.


The AFTER (So far -- it's a work in progress)

(New Wall color!)

The lamp was a $70 lamp reduced to $24 at Hobby Lobby..savings! I think they make great accents. The curtains were from Home Depot. One curtain was $28, but the other one was only $15, since it was on display! Always look for those kinds of deals if you can. I've always been fascinated with canopies. However, as you can tell, the ceiling is a drop ceiling made with individual tiles. This can be tricky at times, but makes putting a DIY canopy up very easy. The poles are bamboo, purchased from Pier 1. Since they were a lot longer, my mom used the saw to cut them to the dimensions of the bed. If you balance the weight of the bamboo poles, you can wrap wire around both ends and then insert the wire, with clips on the end, into the ceiling. The tiles slide right over and keep the poles in place. If you do not have this type of ceiling, you might consider using a type of adhesive. At college, I used those little stick-to-the-wall adhesive hooks, and turned them sideways. They come off very easily without leaving much residue behind. Then you can choose any type of fabric you want. You need to know the measurements of the bed's length and from the floor to the height of the ceiling. We added about two extra feet (or a yard and a half) to these measurements to allow the fabric to pool on the floor. It also needs to drape in the middle to give the canopy effect. You might find this amount of fabric at Joann's in the clearance bins.


  1. That's a lovely shade of red! When I was in highschool I painted big red stripes on my walls. I loved how it looked but needless to say it took a million coats of paint to cover them up. But thats the fun of being young right?
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