Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review - Everyday Minerals

If you have not heard of Everyday Minerals and you love makeup, you are in for a real treat! This cosmetics company is based out of Austin, Texas. They offer eco-friendly, organic, and vegan beauty products. They have a strict no-animal-testing policy, which extends to all businesses in their supply chain. All of their products are mineral-based, with natural, cruelty-free ingredients -- earning them a spot on PETA's approved company list. Everyday Minerals strives to provide customers with high quality makeup while protecting the integrity of our environment. I have seen companies that make "natural" claims of their ingredients, but I have never seen a company that is so dedicated to/passionate about eco-conscious living. I thought this little blurb on Everyday Minerals' Facebook page was particularly intriguing: "The company also practices what it preaches: Their unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility translates into everything Everyday Minerals does, including day-to-day office life. The eco-conscious collective offers free bicycles to its employees to cut down on carbon emissions; financial incentives are used to get employees to carpool and shop at local organic farms; employees composte at the office, and there is a company-wide “WeCycle” recycling program to reduce needless waste." Isn't that awesome? Everyday Minerals uses the idea of local land preservation and the spirit of nature to fuel the creativity behind their products.

Everyday Minerals offers eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, powder, brushes, concealers/correctors, lip balm, lip stick, facial oil, eyebrow products, and more! They seem to have a shade for every eye or skin color, ranging from light neutrals to deep/daring purples, blues, greens, and pinks. I love the variety of hues, and also their beauty kits, which feature several different shades of blush, eyeshadow, etc. Another great aspect of Everyday Minerals is the fact that they offer matte, shimmer, and pearl products -- I know many women often feel limited when they think of mineral-based products, because they are afraid that they might get something too sparkly for their age. This is not the case! If I have not convinced you to check out their website yet, wait until you hear about the price. Everyday Minerals has the most affordable organic makeup that I have ever come across...this was one of the things that initially drew me to their website! Where can you get quality eyeshadow for only $3.50-$8.00, blush for $3.50-$9.00, or concealers/correctors for $5.00? It seems too good to be true. Also, they ship quickly! These products are fun, fresh, and great for sensitive skin. 


I was very generously given two mineral blushes and two eyeshadow products to review. The two blushes were "Girl Friday" (a new shade) and "Rhapsody in Peach." Everyday Minerals describes Girl Friday as "a soft plum berry shade that is perfectly feminine and matte." This is the lighter shade pictured below. I did not apply this to my cheeks in the pictures, as I chose the other blush to go with that particular look. However, as I am typing, I currently have "Girl Friday" on, and I love how it is soft but still noticeable. It goes especially well with pink and purple eyeshadow, which is what I paired it with today. The blush is relatively easy to apply with any standard blush -- just make sure after you collect it you dab it off on your hand or in the container to disperse it evenly throughout the brush, or else you will end up with two overly-round rosy circles. I have "Rhapsody in Peach" on in the picture below. Everyday Minerals describes this blush as follows:  "A natural flush for perfectly kissed cheeks, look no further than these natural shades to provide your cheeks with a flattering touch of color. 100% intensely pigmented minerals with a silky, satiny feel.  Ideal for all skin types and you can mix and match shades. Rhapsody In Peach Blush is a delightful coral color to give your cheeks a kiss of color." This is the darker blush pictured below. It looked great with the eyeshadow that Everyday Minerals sent me! The pictures do not do it justice, but the coral color looks great with neutral shades and could easily be worn for a day out on the town or to a party at night. Both shades that I received complemented my skin tone, and remained vibrant and fresh throughout the day. They did not go on streaky, but smooth, and blended into my skin well. I would definitely recommend them.

These blushes include the following ingredients: mica, lauroyl lysine, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and manganese violet. As Everyday Minerals refers to on their website: mica is a naturally occurring mineral that adds luster, lauroyl lysine is an amino-acid derived from coconut fatty acid which lends a creamy texture and spreadability, titanium dioxide is a white mineral used as a color adjuster, iron oxides are minerals that add color depth, and other pigments are used for various colors. I thought this was an interesting tid-bit about what goes into the makeup that Everyday Minerals produces. "Girl Friday" retails for only $6.00, and "Rhapsody in Peach" retails for only $9.00. With the amount that you receive in the container, this price is a steal!

If you have read any of my previous makeup posts, you know that I am especially picky when it comes to the quality and durability of eyeshadow. I received two different shades -- "Too Edgy" and "Ginger Peach". "Too Edgy" is a pearl-based eyeshadow which Everyday Minerals describes as: "A decadent cocoa color with rich bronze sparkle that beautifies any look. Great for night and day!" I couldn't find "Ginger Peach" on their website anywhere, which may be me just overlooking it, but I would describe it as a light, shimmery shadow somewhere between nude and pink colored. The eyeshadows come in awesome travel-sized tubes which are easy to place in your purse or suitcase when you are on the go, or in regular-sized containers. I have applied both of the eyeshadows that I received in the pictures below so that you can see how they go together. I would say that they are a perfect match...these two shades are great for a day at the beach or going out in the summer. They appear effortless and relatively natural. If you pair "Too Edgy" with a dark color, however, you could easily transition this into a nighttime look. The shadows were easy to apply. I used a sponge applicator for "Ginger Peach", which came in a round container. "Too Edgy" rolled on...I have never had an eyeshadow applicator like this before, but it worked better than I expected. I rolled it along the outer part of my eye to give it a little smokey definition. Then, I took the sponge applicator and drew the two colors together, spreading "Too Edgy" out evenly. Just make sure if you purchase the roller-shadow applicator that you turn it upside down and tap it a little before applying. This made it easier, since you're essentially going against gravity when you're putting it on your eyes. 

To really put these shadows to the test, I did NOT use my Urban Decay primer. I was pleasantly surprised! I cannot believe how well they stayed on during the day, without wearing off or creasing. They were also high-quality enough to evenly coat my eye with a shiny, bold layer in the first place. For me, it is easy to pick out a quality company like Everyday Minerals -- does the eyeshadow show up at all, and does it last? If you can answer yes to those questions, you've probably lured me in. These shadows contain basically the same ingredients as the blush. "Too Edgy" retails for $7.00 in a mini container, or only $4.50 in a travel container.

All-in-all, I fell in love with this company! I will definitely be using these products in the future. If you would like to learn more about Everyday Minerals, or would like to purchase some HIGHLY affordable cosmetics, you can visit their website. You can also check them out on Facebook also. Please help spread the word about how great this company is!

Disclaimer! I received the above-mentioned products for free, but did not receive any other monetary compensation. This in no way affected my opinions, which are honest and all my own.


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