Monday, March 5, 2012

Review - Mod. -- Awesome Camera Accessories!

      Mod. is a family-owned business (mother and daughter) which started small and rapidly grew into its current international success. It was born out of a desire to make the average, black camera straps into something more fashionable and lively. Mod. began creating camera straps on their own sewing machine and selling their products at local camera shops, but then found a U.S-based manufacturer when the idea really took off. 

  They offer beautiful, high-quality camera straps in a variety of designs -- there is something to fit everyone's unique taste! Their products were tested by an engineer and are proven to sustain a weight of 70-90 lbs, which means that they are highly durable. The straps are made with bright, quality fabrics, synthetic and genuine leather, and minky cuddle plush fabric. This is Mod.'s vision and company statement, as posted on their website:

"Our Mission:
To maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence in design, quality and customer service, while exceeding our customers’ expectations.  We approach every transaction and interaction with honesty and integrity, striving to make a positive difference in the lives we touch.

Our Vision:
To be the best camera strap and accessory company in the world, while enhancing life’s enjoyment and passion for photography through creative expression."

    Mod not only has straps, but also bags, neck pads, cap savers, quick release adapters, and strap wraps. This is truly the place to go for any photography junkie. I was really drawn to this company because when I went to buy a case for my camera, I was very disappointed in the few choices that were available. They are almost always black and somewhat awkwardly over-sized. When I found Mod.'s website, I loved the selection of fabrics! I thought it was a great idea that they paired fashion with photography accessories. They offer straps and bags for both compact digital cameras, as well as the larger DSLR and SLR styles. I do not have a DSLR or SLR, but I can imagine how awesome it would look to carry your camera around on your neck or shoulder once you have one of Mod.'s designs to accompany it.

Another great aspect of this company is that they offer an eco-friendly strap collection for those of us who are concerned with environmental safety. These straps are made from upcycled, billboard vinyl -- how cool is that? I always wondered what happened to those huge signs that we often see on the side of highways. Their straps are 40% post-consumer material, and each one is unique, given the fact that all of the signs are different. Check out some of the colors:

If you are curious about some of the different fabric choices available for Mod.'s straps, bags, and accessories, here is a small list: damask, zebra, camo, paisley, coral flower, Victorian, skull and crossbones, houndstooth, copper alligator, chocolate and blue dot, pink tuxedo, polka dot butterfly, leopard, brown suit, peace signs, kaleidoscope, etc.

I received a black zebra compact camera pouch and strap to review. Animal print is one of my favorite designs, and will definitely match any of my outfits if I am carrying my camera by the strap or in the bag. Here is the company's description of this product:

• The wrist strap attaches in place of an existing strap. The decorative portion of the wrist strap is 7.5” long, the entire strap ~10”. There is an adjustable piece that can be used to tighten the wrist strap around your wrist.
• The compact camera bag is 4” x 6.5” and lined with Minky Cuddle Plush

       The camera bag and strap came packaged in a cute little box as shown above. I was shocked at how fast it got to my house after Mod. shipped it...I always love fast shipping, as I'm sure you will see in my reviews, so that's a plus one for this company. :) I realized that I couldn't put my camera in it to show you guys, because then how would I take a picture? Luckily we have a few older digital cameras in the house so I was able to model the product using that. This compact digital camera fit perfectly into the bag. The colors of the bag are super vibrant, and the inside is lined with a soft fabric that I know will protect my camera from any jostling around. Pulling the ribbons closes up the bag for a nice, snug fit with the camera inside. Very cute, right?

     I love that this came with not only the bag, but a miniature strap to attach. Most digital cameras have a little place on the side to attach a strap (you may have a generic black one attached to yours to begin with). At the end of this strap is some thin black thread that you just wrap around the part of the camera and tie tightly. The strap has a black slider that you can move up and down to make the strap sized to fit your wrist, if that's the way you wanted to carry it. I can attest to how high-quality these products are, if you can't tell by just looking at them! This little set retails for just $22.50.

           Mod.'s products range anywhere from $9.95 (for the neck pads) to $47.50 (for larger DSLR/SLR straps). I know that you will love them just as much as I did! If you'd like to learn more about Mod., or if you'd like to find a store where you can purchase their products/ buy them online, you can always visit their website. You can find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. They also have a blog named Life on a Camera Strap where you can connect with them.

Disclaimer! I received one of these products for the purpose of reviewing. I was not provided other compensation monetarily. Regardless, my honest opinions are mine and mine alone. 


  1. Make sure this is durable. Maybe I can buy a new one for my baby camera.

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