Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Bluapple Review and giveaway!


I'm a science geek, so I was excited to learn all the chemistry behind Bluapple, and to share it with you. There is a reason why this product works, not just a gimmick like other food-freshening products! It turns out that ethylene gas (H2C=CH2) is responsible for the ripening of produce, and that there are ways of manipulating this to our advantage.

Here is a little blurb from Bluapple's website that I found informative:

"In fact, it was discovered that fruits and vegetables actually produce ethylene as they ripen. Experts think that the ethylene gas acts as a signal to the other plants to synchronize and coordinate ripening, thus maximizing the appeal of the plant to their seed disseminators (e.g. birds) and assuring the dispersal of their seeds. Scientists have since studied the effects of ethylene gas on produce and found that the effects are widespread. Other plant tissues can produce this gas as well. Even after harvest, fruits, vegetables and flowers are still alive, continuing their biochemical processes, including ripening and the generation of ethylene gas. Bruising or cutting some fruits and vegetables can even cause them to increase their ethylene gas production. For more information please see this Wikipedia's history of ethylene in plant biology."

Manufacturers have the ability to either expedite the ethylene gas process and cause produce to ripen faster, or to remove ethylene gas to slow ripening (for shipments and such). So, why not bring this technology into our homes? Bluapple has created a product which actively removes ethylene gas given off by produce to slow the ripening (or the "going-bad") process. 

How does it do that? Using a combination of NaMnO4 (sodium permanganate) and natural clinoptilolite (zeolite). To be "absorbed", ethylene gas needs to be oxidized, or changed into a different compound. Sodium permanganate is an oxidizing chemical which changes ethylene gas into manganese oxide and CO2. Zeolite, a type of volcanic ash that has been turned into rock over centuries, basically allows the ethylene gas and the sodium permanganate to come into contact with each other. Bluapple's chemical design provides "highest percentage of available reactant and the longest life per gram of any other ethylene absorption product".
The two chemicals are held within a water-resistant package inside of the plastic blue "apple". You do not have to open the packet inside the Bluapple, because the packaging was designed to be permeable to ethylene gas. When replacing a packet, you simply put the Bluapple on a solid surface and push down on it. It will split apart and you can change the packets rather quickly. When you're done, you can even give back to the environment by putting the packet in your garden -- plants thrive off of the zeolite.

How can you check and see if the Bluapple is working; when you do you need to change it? It's actually a really simple answer. I thought it was neat because the active ingredient contained within the packet inside the Bluapple actually changes colors when it has exerted its full potential. To know if you need to replace it, all you have to do is cut a corner of the packet, remove a few crystals, and either grind them or simply observe the outer color. If the Bluapple is still actively absorbing ethylene gas, the crystals will have a purple hue (and will appear purplish white when broken down)...if they have been completely used up, the crystals will turn brown. You can simply put a piece of tape over the edge that cut when you are finished. The Bluapple typically lasts for about three months before you need to buy a replacement packet.

Although the Bluapple works best in an enclosed space (it is easier for it to absorb the ethylene gas), you are not limited to using it in your fridge. It also works in other places that you put your produce, such as on your counter or in a fruit bowl. It will still extend the life of your produce, but the bigger the room, the less effective it will be at fully absorbing the gas.

The average family throws out over 600 dollars worth of produce a year -- the Bluapple helps us save both our wallets and our environment! Think of how much money you will save. Bluapple also stresses the following three "essentials" to obtain the freshest produce and best results with your Bluapple: temperature (keep at 38-48, keep produce in a crisper), ethylene gas control (using Bluapple), and humidity (holes in plastic bags or use damp paper towels). 

The Bluapple is available at many of your larger supermarkets nationwide, including Stop and Shop, Whole Foods, Giant Foods, etc. You can also purchase the Bluapple two-pack on the company's website here for just $9.95! Bluapple offers a money back guarantee, and has had less than 50 returns out of hundreds of thousands of products sold...those are pretty good odds!

Bluapple sent me my very own package to test out, so that I could share my opinion with you. I think the design of the Bluapple is cute and convenient. As you can see from my pictures, it doesn't take up a ton of room in either the crisper in the fridge or the fruit bowl. I contacted Bluapple initially because I tend to buy more produce than I can eat before it goes bad. This is especially true with greens of any kind (especially Swiss chard) which seem to go bad the fastest, as well as kiwi and some other tropical fruits. I am moving in just a few weeks, and I intend on taking the Bluapple with me, to help save me money and additional trips to the grocery store. I want to be able to go to the store a week or two in advance and be able to buy everything I need, instead of having to go back twice a week to avoid having rotten produce when it comes time to make a meal. A few weeks ago I bought Swiss chard to put with tofu, and within one week, I went to open the bag and it was slimy and wilted. That was 2 bucks down the drain! I am constantly wasting avocados, because I like having them for a snack with a little Italian dressing, but only when I have time for a snack or remember that the snack is there. I'm guilty of forgetting that I have produce tucked away in the crisper, and the Bluapple will help me have a pleasant instead of a not-so-pleasant surprise next time I open it! My parents want to keep the two Bluapples that I have here right now, but I had to break the news to them...I'm taking them with me. I know that they are really going to help out, and I can't wait to show you some more pictures in the future to prove it!

Interested in learning more about Bluapple? Visit them at one of the links below:

Three lucky readers will win their own Bluapple pack, courtesy of Bluapple! All you need to do is enter on the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers, 18 and over, unless you have permission from your parents. Please be honest when submitting Rafflecopter entries -- remember, I DO check all of your entries for verification, and I will throw them out if they are false. If the form has a spot for you to enter information, please provide me with the appropriate username, link, etc so that it is easier for me to verify your entries! I am not responsible for the shipment of the prize, that is the company's duty. I will contact the winner via email (so make sure to use one that you check) and you will have 48 hours to respond with your shipping information. If you have any questions or if the Rafflecopter is not working properly, you can always contact me via Facebook or email (links on the sidebar). Good luck!!


  1. Bailey dexter facebook This would be perfect for any of my garden fruit!

  2. tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, raspberries

  3. bananas always get too ripe before we can eat them

  4. Lettuce, tomatoes, and celery

  5. Everything.....I'd keep one in my fruit bowl, one in the crisper and hopefully wouldn't be throwing away as much produce as I did this morning which was bananas, a cucumber, zucchini, asparagus and a mango.....I hate throwing away so much fresh fruit and veggies but it seems to always happen...esp with stuff in the fridge that I forgot I have. Blu apple would save me a lot of money and would enable me to eat the stuff for longer which would be great....I thnk it would be eapecially useful for fresh greens and for the fruit bowl..... Thank you for the chance to win. I'd love to try out this great product.

  6. Lettuce is the main thing I have trouble with keeping fresh, so I'll be so happy to use it for that! It will also be used for tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, bell peppers, many things!

  7. red bell peppers. they always go bad faster than i want them to!

  8. I would definitely use it for lettuce an seasonal fruits/veggies.

  9. lettuce and celery

  10. If you want to keep lettuce and other delicate greens, after rinsing and shaking off excess water, roll a few paper towels around it so that it will not touch any plastic and place the head in a gallon size plastic bag. (not zipper top, plain opening is easier to use) The paper towel absorbs the moisture, keeps the green leaves from rotting, and retains enough moisture close to the green leaves to reduce drying out of the leaves. Lettuce will keep for up to several weeks this way. I do plan to try the bluapple for fruits and vegetables, but the rotting is easily reduced by not having delicate greens sit in a soggy puddle in a bag.

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