Thursday, June 13, 2013

Voesh New York Pedicure Foot Mask and Manicure Hand Mask Review

If you are a girl, you have likely been to the nail salon at least once in your life. After you receive your manicure or pedicure, you are usually directed to the somewhat ominous "quick-drying" station that emits a florescent glow. This "glow", which dries your nails, is actually UV light -- the same found in tanning beds. Although I have to admit that I go tanning once in awhile, I know the harm that can be done from UV rays. I did not know, until I read an article on Voesh's Facebook page, that even this minor exposure can eventually lead to risk of skin cancer. Some women who frequented nail salons were diagnosed with skin cancer originating from the tops of their hands...just the part that we stick under the light when we dry our nails.

With that in mind, Voesh has created some pretty innovative products: the Premium Pedicure Foot Mask Socks and the Premium Manicure Hand Mask Gloves. I think that these products would be great for the independent salon looking to add something different and to appeal to customers who care about their health. I could definitely see myself choosing a salon that offered these masks over one that did not. They serve a dual purpose; the masks both protect from UV rays as well as moisturize your hands and feet. I hate when I am done at the salon and my hands are dry and cracking from the multiple chemicals that they have used. I notice that it is especially bad when I get a set of acrylic nails put on or taken off -- all the acetone and other additional chemicals suck the moisture right out of me, and I can tell that my skin suffers as a result.

The Voesh Premium Pedicure Foot Mask Socks and the Premium Manicure Hand Mask Gloves are made with a mixture of Collagen and Vitamin E. I have mentioned the benefits of collagen in previous is a protein that helps to revitalize your skin by increasing smoothness and elasticity and reducing age-related wear and wrinkles. Collagen, in Greek, means "glue producer" holds our skin together and makes it feel stronger and healthier! Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that helps with new cell growth and prevents the damage of old cells by free radicals. It also gives us healthy, wrinkle-free skin and nails.

The Foot Mask Socks and Hand Mask Gloves protect against UV radiation (98.9%) with micro-thin double layer technology. At the bottom, they are filled with nourishing essence (16 ml/pack) and at the top, they have a silky thin and micro thin non-woven layer.

The tips of both masks are removable, so that you can receive your manicure while your skin is getting an awesome moisturizing treatment. Then, if you are using a UV dryer, your hands and feet will already be protected with no additional fuss. For salon professionals, putting on and removing the masks is a piece of cake. They should be used as soon as they are removed from the packaging.

Voesh suggests that for the foot mask, you first use a scrub to remove dead skin (and remove old polish). They suggest that you use a hot towel to warm the foot and to wipe off excess residue. Then, after putting on the foot mask, you should rub the toe area so that all of the Collagen/Vitamin E starts to absorb into the skin. The pre-cut lines make it easy to remove the tips to put polish on. When your customer's toes are done drying, you can remove the foot mask and then rub their feet to assure that all of the essence from the foot mask is absorbed. Voesh suggests the following when putting on the hand mask: "in fist position, put on hand mask and rub about 5 times and then place finger in each finger tip." You should also rub the customer's hands afterwards to absorb excess essence.

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I was lucky enough to be able to review the Voesh Premium Pedicure Foot Mask Socks and the Premium Manicure Hand Mask Gloves. Below I have included some pictures of my lovely "at-home" manicure/pedicure -- everybody needs a treat once in awhile, right? I followed the instructions given on the packages and I was very pleased with the results. I had no trouble putting the masks on, and I'm sure it would be just the same if you were a nail salon owner putting them onto a customer's hands/feet. After massaging in the concoction found in the masks, my hands and feet were left feeling incredibly smooth, moisturized and shiny. My skin, although not wrinkled, was visibly tighter. I would definitely use this product at a salon! I loved the smell (it was like being in a really nice hair salon...the smell of a good, fresh conditioner) and how it felt like I was getting two things accomplished at once. It felt like the parrafin treatment that you pay a lot for.

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