Monday, July 15, 2013

Cool Gear Review


Cool Gear International, which was created in 1986, has always been a leader in the hydration industry. Cool Gear is dedicated to providing great customer service (with their 100% customer satisfaction policy), as well as unique, modern and efficient products. They have patented freezer gel technology and custom-designed packaging (by numerous artists). Cool Gear not only cares about their customers, but also about their environment. They are a part of the green movement by helping to dispose of plastic bottle waste.

Cool Gear was one of the first companies to switch to BPA-free materials for their products. They use Tritan, Polypropylene, and PCTG. You will find that their entire line is BPA, lead, and Phthalate safe! Even the freezing gel that is found in their chillers is non-toxic (the freezer sticks are safe to wash by hand) and is compliant with the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. All of Cool Gear's Go Gear is manufactured with FDA-approved silicone, which is compatible with a wide range of different materials, for all of your traveling needs. All of these standards make Cool Gear safe for both children and adults.

Cool Gear International is dedicated to giving back to their community and to spreading positive influence. They work with and support the following organizations: The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (for the advancement of research/education of the ocean), the ARC (providing support for people with developmental disabilities and their families), The Genesis Fund (raises money to help children and families living with birth defects, genetic disorders, and disabilities), Dana-Farber (for cancer research), Autism Speaks (nation's largest autism research and awareness organization), and the Special Olympics (providing training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities). 

 Beer Mug blue

Cool Gear offers the following types of innovative products:
  • Hydration Bottles
  • Water Filtration Bottles/Accessories
  • Stainless Steel Bottles
  • Kid's Bottles
  • Chillers
  • Travel Mugs
  • Collapsible Storage
  • Food Storage
  • Lunchbags
  • Stayfit
  • Travel Accessories
  • Seasonal
  • Customizable
 Stayfit Deluxe Cereal Kit

Some of my personal favorites (to give you an idea of the cool things you can purchase) are:
  • Ez-Freeze Pure - This 24 oz. bottle reduces the chlorine taste and odor in your tap water with a filter that can filter up to 100 gallons of water. Filtered water then flows through the freezer stick to give you cold and pure water
  • Stayfit Cereal 2 Go - This product has a non-toxic freezer gel cup which keeps your milk cold, attached to a container for your cereal that twists off. It even has a spoon folded into the cap! This way, you can transport your cereal without it getting soggy and without spoiling your milk
  •  Shot Glasses - A four-pack of shot glasses in assorted colors with double wall protection and non-toxic freezer gel that helps keep your liquor cool.
  • Monterey  - A beautiful, insulated lunch bag that can keep your food either hot or cold. It is available in one of three prints (with a base of black, pink or blue) and comes with an easy clean EVA lining. On top of the main compartment, it also has an outside zip pocket.

 Cool Gear was generous enough to send me their 20 oz. Chiller with Freezer Gel in green and their Razor in Purple for the purpose of this review.

The Chiller with Freezer Gel comes in a 20 oz. or a 16 oz. size. It comes in four colors: Blue, Green, Pink, or Orange. It has a retail value of $10.99, and the following specifications:
  • BPA Free
  • Double wall construction
  • Non-toxic freezer gel keeps drink cold
  • TPR band
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • Freeze cup in upright position

The Razor is a 14 oz. double-wall travel mug with a cute graphics strip running around the top of the mug. It comes in Brown (with a Cappuccino/Java/Coffee Bean graphic), Pink (with a floral graphic), Green (with a graphic containing leaves) and Purple (with a zebra print graphic).

The Razor has the following specifications:
  • BPA Free
  • Insulates hot or cold
  • Spillproof
  • Graphic band
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • Available in 4 colors
I loved both the Chiller and the Razor, and I know that I will be using them all the time at school, when I go to the beach, and just when I am lounging on my new outside porch. Cool Gear picked the colors and styles, and they did a wonderful job, because green is one of my favorite colors and I am addicted to zebra print! Both the Chiller and the Razor are extremely durable and high-quality.

The Chiller is innovative, useful, and stylish all-in-one. It comes with a straw that cannot fall out when tipped, as well as non-toxic freezer gel inside. I put mine in the freezer for a few hours yesterday, and then I pulled it out and put some flavored water in it. It worked out great because it was 90 degrees outside yesterday, and the Chiller kept my water nice and cold on the patio while I took a swim! I love knowing that the plastic and other materials the Cool Gear uses are safe.

The Razor is very cute with its slender style, and great for the type of person who worries about spilling their drink (AKA me). I tipped it over on purpose to see how it held up, and I didn't have any spills on my counter, so I trust it. This is really a great design, because it keeps liquids hot or cold, perfect for any season. Lately I have been addicted to this new iced coffee (you can even get caramel, vanilla, etc) that comes in a carton near the milk in the grocery store. I am going to be putting that with a little bit of ice into my Razor and use it while it is still warm out. When it starts to change seasons, I am definitely going to bring the coffee I will brew at home to class. The Razor will be great on my desk, and I won't need to worry about having it close to my new lap-top or my study notes.

Interested in learning more about Cool Gear? Check out the links below:


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  14. Those look like they are great quality. They are cute too!

  15. I have a black razorwith multicolor zebra print design! I don't know if it was a limited edition but its my absolute favorite water bottle and I use it every night at work!! Any one see this rare black w/ rainbow zebra print or am I the only one???

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