Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DormCo Preview Post - Starting the Decoration Challenge!

I'm excited to let you all know that I have found some great products to review as part of my Decoration Challenge -- furnishing and decorating my new apartment. One of the companies that I will be featuring is DormCo! DormCo is an amazing college dorm superstore, with everything you could possibly need to furnish the cutest college dorm. While I have passed college (and the small little freshman converted triple..ugh), I am still moving to my apartment for school, and with about the same budget I had then! Although it is an apartment and not a dorm room, I still want it to have that young, fresh, study-inducing environment; DormCo is the perfect website to go for organization, bedding, decor, and other household items. I am going to receive the Microfiber Dorm Rug in Mint shown below.. where do you guys think it would look the best? I have the kitchen, two bedrooms, study room, and living room to furnish (the bathroom has tile and will have a bath mat).





  1. The color looks great against the wood floors.

  2. I love the color--I like it in the room you show but I'd place it at an angle to add character =}

  3. That is really pretty! I am so glad my daughter is staying home and not in a dorm! It would be so much more expensive, not only for the dorm, but for the furnishings as well! She's gonna be a Freshman this fall!

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