Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Vinyl Disorder Wall Decals - The Decoration Challenge

Vinyl Disorder is a company based out of Southern California that sells vinyl decals, and stickers for almost any surface that you can think of. The most popular surfaces to apply their decals to are walls and cars, but they also suggest using their decals on the following items: Boats, motorcycles, planes, trains, toolboxes, snowmobiles, tractors, bath tubs, surfboards, skateboards, dirt bikes, mirrors, lights, computers, cabinets, guitars, drums, controllers, toilets, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Vinyl Disorder is very committed to their business and their customers alike. They will help you design any kind of decal that you need for your business or personal needs. Their decals are made just prior to shipping to ensure the highest quality and life span. Vinyl Disorder only uses a high quality vinyl that has a six+ life span in OUTDOOR conditions. They offer quick and courteous service. Vinyl Disorders' products are both easy to apply and remove.

I could not possibly describe every decal that Vinyl Disorder offers, because there are hundreds! I love the variety, and that this company caters to everybody's needs, whether you are old or young or into modern or simplistic design. Vinyl Disorder has glow in the dark decals (these are great for a kid's room - I even like glow in the dark stars in my own room), customizable stickers and decals (anything you can imagine!), lettering (for mailboxes, game consoles, businesses, bands, car windows, etc),  and printed canvases (make your own images into a beautiful canvas, and even choose to spread it out over more than one panel).

Here are just SOME of the categories of decals that Vinyl Disorder offers:
  • African Art
  • Aliens
  • Angels
  • Animals
  • Boats
  • Branches/Tree Kits
  • Buildings
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Calendars
  • Classroom
  • Chalkboard
  • Clock Faces
  • Clothing
  • Crosses
  • Dinosaurs
  • Dragons
  • Egyptian
  • Famous People
  • Flags
  • Graffiti
  • Growth Charts
  • Headboards
  • Holidays
  • In Loving Memory
  • Keep Calm and Carry
  • Kitchen Labels
  • Monograms
  • Music
  • Pop Culture
  • Religious 
  • Signs
  • Symbols
  • Wall Murals 
  • Zodiac Symbols
  • Zombies
 Besides shopping by category of decal, you can also shop Vinyl Disorder by WHERE you want to place the decal. These options include: Boy's Room, Girl's Room, Kitchen, Man Cave, or Nursery. There is a design for every space.
Here are the formal instructions from Vinyl Disorder on how to apply and remove their decals. I've included my own instructions and suggestions further down in the review.


Vinyl Disorder was generous enough to send me one of their awesome wall decals to review for my new apartment, so that I could share my opinions with you. I chose the Skyline Cityscape AL32

The Skyline Cityscape AL32 generally starts at a price of $4.99 (for 6" length), but right now it is on sale for $2.50. You have the option of choosing a custom length for your decal, and the price goes up accordingly. For example, a 20" Skyline Cityscape AL32 is $13.50 (the current sale price), the 30" is $20.00 (the current sale price, the 40" is $28.00 (the current sale price), the 60" is $46.50 (the current sale price), and the longest length that you can order is the 72" at $59.00 (the current sale price). If you don't see the size that you want, Vinyl Disorder is happy to help you with a custom order if you contact them. If you order more than four of the same decal, in bulk, the price also goes down. This would be a wonderful idea for a gift if you had a classroom or some kind of event with many people that you wanted to thank. There are many decals that I think different people could agree on.

You have many options for colors, including: White, black, gray, beige, brown, light brown, red, burgundy, blue, navy blue, light blue, teal, green, lime green, yellow, cheddar yellow, orange, pink, light pink, purple, light purple, metallic silver, metallic gold, bronze, matte black, matte white, stencil mask, chrome (add $5), etched glass (add $7), or gold leaf (add $12). I wanted this decal for my wall, but it is also available to order for your car (though it works on most materials, so you could get creative). You can also order it reversed!

 I chose the Skyline Cityscape AL32 because I think the silhouette of a skyline is elegant, versatile, and modern. I didn't yet have the colors picked out for my new apartment (I'm still working on that), but I knew that this wall decal was the perfect design to fit with any furniture or decor that I bought. The Skyline Cityscape works great in ANY room, whether it be the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. I wanted to pick a wall decal that was general, because I wasn't sure of the exact measurements or wall space in my apartment when I contacted Vinyl Disorder. I went with black so that it could go with any wall color. 

I just moved into my apartment yesterday, and I quickly pulled out the Skyline Cityscape AL32 decal, even before we had our boxes unpacked. I tend to hang things crooked, so I was able to get my mom, my boyfriend, and his dad to help me apply the decal so that it was straight and beautiful. I chose to put it in the living room after I saw the layout of our furniture. There was a blank wall space above the couch that just looked perfect for it. Also, our colors ended up being red, black, and white, so the Skyline Cityscape AL32 decal ended up adding the finishing touch and really making our living room stylish and unique. I know that nobody will have one of these (at least this exact one), and I love that Vinyl Disorder could help me put my personal flair into decorating.

I took pictures as we "unwrapped" the decal and applied it. The application process really is simple! All you have to do is carefully take the edge of the decal and peel off the back layer (with the lines on it). Then, I suggest that you measure the wall with a ruler, take a pencil, and make tiny dots on the wall where you want to place the decal. If you don't want to do that, you can use the back of the paper that you peeled off as a straight edge and a measurement tool. My mom and boyfriend used the back of the decal to find out how far down from the wall the Skyline Cityscape AL32 should be placed, and to make sure that it was straight. Then, you very carefully put the first edge (the sticky part) of the decal down, smoothing as you go. Don't rush this process, because it may be hard to peel the decal off and reposition it. Make sure that you have it where you want it before you press down firmly. You also want to go slow to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles. Once you have the decal on the wall, take something like a credit card and run it over the surface to ensure that the decal is stuck to the wall firmly and to rid of any air bubbles. Once you have done this, carefully pull up the edge of the paper remaining on the front of the decal. You also want to peel this away very slowly and methodically. And that's it! That doesn't sound so bad, does it? We had no problems with the process at all. My one other suggestion is to pay attention to the smaller details of the decal when peeling the paper away, because they would be the most likely to tear or not to stick.

All-in-all, I am VERY happy with my wall decal and Vinyl Disorder as a whole. I have tried some "cheaper" versions of wall decals, and I was not pleased. Either you had to assemble them bit by bit, or they were easy to ripple and tear. I am confident that this wall decal will stay on until I am ready to change up my decor! I cannot speak for the removal process, but if it is as good as the application process, you should have no problem. I think the decals really add to room and bring creativity. Do you like the way it looks over my couch?

Interested in learning more about Vinyl Disorder and their products? Check out the links below:

This post is part of the Decoration Challenge series, where I am conducting product reviews as I decorate, furnish, and clean my new apartment.


  1. That couch is adorable! Love the decal too!

  2. I'd love to get some wall decals to help make decorating my new place easier. I am not a decorator lol

  3. You've already done a great job of decorating your new apartment - the decal looks great over your couch!

  4. This is so brilliant! Thanks for sharing such innovative idea to decorate the walls!!

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