Saturday, July 20, 2013

Splendies Underwear Subscription Review


Splendies is a fun and girly monthly subscription package that features underwear. Isn't that a neat concept for a monthly subscription "box"? I know there a few things I could never have too many of, and underwear are definitely amongst those. Splendies is a very easy service to sign up for. All you have to do is choose your correct size, put in your information, and the underwear will be on their way! Each month, you will receive three quality pairs of underwear. When you first sign up, you will promptly get your package within a week or two. After that, you will see your Splendies box around the 15th of each month. 

Splendies Monthly Subscription (Medium)

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and you can sign up for recurrent billing to make your subscription even easier. You are able to change your size or address at any time. Right now, Splendies only ships to the United States, but they hope to ship to Canada, as well as internationally, by the end of this year. To subscribe to Splendies, you'll pay only $12 a month, with shipping included. Depending on the brands of underwear you receive, this is a really good deal. Not sure? Right now there is a coupon out for $3 off your first month, making it only $8 (including shipping) for your first package. That's a great way to see if you like this subscription!

Splendies Monthly Subscription (Medium)

In your monthly package, it will always be a surprise. You may find any style, such as: bikini, thong, string bikini, hip huggers, cheekies, boy shorts, briefs, etc. There are kinds of designs and colors; no two boxes are the same! There are also a variety of brands -- some of the brands that have been included in the past are: Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Intimate Basics, Vision Intimates, Frederick's, Rose Intimates, Aerie, Lane Bryant, Hips and Curves, etc.

Splendies Monthly Subscription (Medium)

The packaging for Splendies is very simple; my underwear arrived in a standard Postal Service mailing bag with a few sheets of tissue paper and the underwear inside. This packaging is very discreet, which is nice for people who may not want the word "UNDERWEAR" splayed across the outside of the package for all of the world to see. However, I feel that even if the outside of the package was still discreet (which I like), the inside could be sealed in a separate, more jazzed up bag with details about the company. I wouldn't mind seeing more color, information about the specific brands of underwear you received in your package, coupons, or more brand advertising. That is just my suggestion! It has nothing to do with the content, but people do respond more favorably to quality advertising and materialistic things such as packaging. 

You use a size chart to pick out the monthly subscription that you will receive from Splendies. They suggest that if you are between sizes, you go up a size just to be safe. However, all brands and styles run different in how they will fit and how comfortably they will fit.

One of the great things about this company is that they cater to all body types. If Splendies are not the right size for you, you can also go to their sister site for plus-sizes, Volupties. Volupties brings you sizes 1X to 3XL. They offer stylish underwear, and promise to have a selection that is not boring. A subscription to Volupties will cost you $17 a month, but right now you can sign up for just $12 a month for your first package.

I received one of Splendies' monthly packages to review, so that I could share my opinions with you. I got three different pairs of underwear in varying colors, styles, and brands. I like that this subscription makes life more convenient. I love new underwear, but I don't always have the time or motivation to go shopping for them. Honestly, I'm also a little indecisive when it comes to picking them out, so this subscription would be great for someone who wants to explore new brands and styles from the convenience of their home. I think that the price is reasonable, because I know that when I go to Victoria's Secret to buy underwear, the deal price is 5 pair for twenty-six dollars. 


The first pair of underwear I received were my favorite; a dark, purple, elegant-looking pair. They have lace at the bottom and a little bow on the front. They are super comfortable, and fall somewhere between a boy-short and higher waisted bikini style. I think the mixture of lace and comfort make this pair cute and stylish, but also good for lounging around. This brand was Vision Intimates -- I have never heard of it, but I was very pleased.


The second pair of underwear that I received were multi-colored with different patterns and textures. They have pink and white plaid at the top, a blue bow on the front, pin lace, and a floral pattern. I probably wouldn't have picked out this type of pattern on my own, but I don't dislike it. They are bikini style, and they were pretty comfortable. I liked the feeling of the lightweight material. This brand was Rene Rofe Lingerie, which was also a brand that I am unfamiliar with, but would try more underwear from. The tag says 6/Medium. 

The third pair of underwear that I received were multicolored, semi-see-through and lacy. They have a larger floral pattern, with pinks, reds, yellows, and blues. They have red lace going across the top and where the underwear would meet your legs. These underwear were made by Spree Lingerie. Although these say size medium, they did not fit me at all. They look like they would be big enough, but they didn't match the size of the other two. I'm sure that this doesn't happen often, and it may just be slight differences in size between companies. I know that in one store I am one size and in another I am a completely different size. I am not complaining, because I received these for free. :) I am sure that Splendies would work with you if a pair did not fit you. 

All-in-all, I think that Splendies has a nice subscription service going, and I urge you to use the coupon available on their website while it lasts. Eight dollars really isn't much to spare for you to try something out!

Interested in learning more about Splendies? Check out the link below:

Interested in learning more about Volupties? Check out the links below:


  1. This is an interesting idea. Not sure if I could bring myself to get my underwear via subscription, but I'm sure there are some people who would love the variety and regular supply!

  2. No Way! I can't believe they came up with this idea... I mean there are monthly subscriptions for everything now, but underwear?!? I'm totally curious now, I gotta check it out :)

  3. What a fun monthly subscription box! I love getting monthly boxes, and this is a unique one for sure!

  4. This is really cool! I never knew you could get an underwear subscription. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Those are so cute! I need new ones for sure lol!

  6. That sounds cool! Can´t wait when they´ll start shipping WW.

  7. Those are really cute. The idea of subscription services is fun to me because I love getting mail - LOL!

  8. Very pretty underware and quite an assortment...

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