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TDC Games Review: Part 2 (Dirty Minds, Senior Moments, That Dirty Card Game)

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This is part two of my review of TDC Games. To learn more about TDC Games and the other products that they offer, visit part one of my review here. This review will focus on Dirty Minds, Senior Moments, and That Dirty Card Game.

Senior Moments is a memory board and party game, with the end goal of passing the "ultimate" memory test and finding your keys in the process. This game is for two or more players, and it is for any age (that can handle the memory tests). Senior Moments retails for $24.95 and contains the following: 46 Senior Moment cards, 8 Lost Key Cards, 8 Colored Pawns, 2 Game Booklets, 1 Die and the board.

The object of Senior Moments is to get to the middle of the board, to the ultimate memory test, and to pass. However, you can't get to the middle without first finding your keys somewhere on a key space along the way! To play, you first put half of the Senior Moment cards on each of the designated spaces on the board. Without looking, you place one of the key cards on each of the key spaces on the board as well. Everyone chooses a colored pawn (which will coordinate with the color of your lost keys) and a starting space. On your turn, you roll the die, and move that number of spaces in any direction. You can only use each space once during a single turn. There are a few different kinds of spaces that you can land on with different options. The first is a number from 2-5; you want to try to avoid landing on the higher number spaces if you can, because then one of the other players picks up a Game Booklet, and its up to you to remember a list from 2-5 items long that they give you. The player reading the list will repeat it twice, slowly. If you cannot remember the designated number of items, you return to the space that you started at. If you land on a Senior Moment space, you pick up a Senior Moment card and follow the indicated action. If you land on a Lost Key card, just YOU get to look at it, to see if the color of the keys matches your pawn. If it does, you can turn the card over. If it does not, you have to remember what key cards you have looked at, and try getting to the next space. You may also land on a Roll Again space, or the central "Win" space, where you have to remember five items on the list that a reader readers, or you go back to where you started that turn.

So, to win, you need to have found your corresponding keys, gotten to the middle, and successfully remembered a list of five items. It is up to the player reading the list to judge the accuracy of your memory, and to keep track of the list that you are relaying back to them. There are two versions of the game that can shorten it or make it easier for players who cannot remember the lists - "Short Ones" is a version where one number is subtracted from every number space, and "Deja Vu", where you get one more shot at correctly remembering the list.

Here are some of the examples of what you have to memorize:

Remember the following chores: Vacuum the rug, do the laundry, get an oil change, buy bread, pay the gas bill. Remember the following U.S. Presidents: Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Abe Lincoln, Chester Arthur, John Adams. Remember the following: Sun bathing, bathing suit, suit of armor, armored car, car pool. Perform the following actions: Shake hands, say your name backwards, raise your right arm, crack your knuckles, scratch your nose.

This was my favorite TDC Games' game that I received, probably because I have never played anything like it before. It SOUNDS easy enough, but once you go through some of the lists, you realize that you can't remember four or five items, and it's frustrating yet entertaining. When I played with my friend, we both got around to every Lost Key card and then forgot which ones we had looked at to begin with! That was really funny, because the game went on FOREVER. It seems as though the game has a really varied play time, because when I played it with my boyfriend, I found my Lost Keys right away and made my way to the center, before he had even looked at two or three of them. That part is kind of luck. The lists are really funny, and you definitely get tongue-tied and forgetful. Senior Moments was great because it is so challenging and unique. My friend and my boyfriend really enjoyed it as well. Our only concern was that one color pair of keys does not really match the color of the pawn - there for one of them was looking for their keys after they already found them, but since the color was a little off they didn't realize it! One of the great things about Senior Moments is that it can be played over and over again, with many memory lists that you would never have memorized.

Dirty Minds is a card game in which the CLEANER your mind is, the better you will score. This game is for two or more players that are ages 17 or older. This is a mature game, due to the "suggestive nature" of the content. This game retails for $9.95 and contains: 280 Naughty Clues; 56 Clean Answers; 56 Game Cards and 56 Scoring Cards.

The object of Dirty Minds is to collect scoring cards to spell out "D-I-R-T-Y" by guessing the correct CLEAN answers to dirty clues. To play, first place the red Game cards in a pile face-down and the black Scoring cards in a pile face-down. The first person to take their turn draws a red Game card and reads a naughty clue from it to the player on their left. The player on the left must try to answer, or they can pass. If they guess right, they draw a black Scoring card and add it to their collection. If they pass, all of the players left get a chance to steal the question/answer or to pass themselves. If they get it wrong, however, they have to give back one Scoring card to the deck. The reader goes down the list of clues, pausing to allow the person guessing to come up with the right word after each clue. The quicker you can guess the word (the least amount of clues), the more Scoring cards you can pick up. If you guess the word in one clue, you get to draw three Scoring cards from the deck. If you guess the word in two clues, you get to draw two and if you guess it in 3+ clues, you get to draw one Scoring card. If you can't guess the word after all clues have been read, you have to put a Scoring card from your hand back to the bottom of the deck.

You will find Letter Cards in the Scoring card deck - you ultimately need to pick up a "D", "I", "R", "T', and "Y" to win. You may also pick up a Wild card which can count for any letter in the word Dirty! Other cards that you can pick up from the Scoring card deck include the Draw Two Cards (take two more Scoring cards), the Dash Cards (you get nothing), and the Lose a Card cards (put a Scoring card back to the bottom of the deck). The first clues that are read are very obscure and it is hard to guess the word based on that. As you get further down the list, the word becomes easier to guess.

Here are two examples (keep your mind out of the gutter!):
  • I'm a Four letter word.
  • I start with an "F" and end with a "K".
  • Once you're deep inside me, it's hard for you to pull out.
  • When you're feeling down low, you're in me.
  • If you're in me, you won't want to get out of bed.
What did YOU guess? The word is "FUNK"!
  •  If I have to pull out, it's an emergency.
  • I can sport a huge extension.
  • After I come is when I really start pumping.
  • A man usually rides me in the rear.
  • You come down a pole before you mount me.
What did YOU guess? The word is "FIRE ENGINE"!

My friend and I played this game, and with two players, it went relatively quick. We liked that it was easy to catch onto, but it would probably be better with more players, so that the scoring gets more evened out. We were smart enough not to guess the DIRTY words, but some of the CLEAN answers are difficult to figure out. The negative scoring cards made the game a bit more challenging, because when my friend was ahead, she lost some of her scoring cards. This would be a fun game to bring to a party, especially if you didn't have time to play something really involved. Given how the clues sound, this game is definitely only for older players. I would love to see an expansion pack for the game, as I think that after playing it so many times, you will have a tendency to remember the answers.

That Dirty Card Game is a "completely inappropriate" adult party game where you fill in the blanks with word cards to come up with dirty stories. This game is for two or more players, ages 17 and up -- this is a MATURE game. That Dirty Card Game retails for $22.95 and contains: 100 Harmless Word Cards, 40 Innocent Stories, 2 Story Books, and 2 Book Marks.

The goal of That Dirty Card Game is to score the least amount of points by using your word cards to fill in the blanks of stories given in the story booklets. To begin play, you give each player five word cards, except the Teller of Tales (Who will be reading the stories). The rest of the word cards go to the middle of the table. The Teller of tales picks a story from one of the Story Books, and places a bookmark (on the correct side) under the first blank. The bookmark has two sides - RED for a verb or adverb or BLACK for a noun or adverb. When the Teller reaches a blank in the story, they will place the bookmark (on the red or black side, as needed) under the blank. The first player on the left chooses a word card for the blank, and the Teller replaces the blank with the word as they read the sentence. The booklet has a black or a red space, so that the Teller knows what color of the bookmark to have facing the players. You must choose the correct colored card for the blank. If you do not have one, you can choose another from the deck. If that one cannot be played, you have to pass.

There are four different kinds of cards that you can play each turn. For a BLACK bookmark blank, you can play a noun card (white letters on a black background), or an adjective card (black letters on a white background). Adjective cards can be played instead of noun cards, but the blank is not considered full until a noun is played. For a RED bookmark blank, you can play a verb card (white letters on a red background) or an adverb card (red letters on a white background). You can play an adverb instead of a verb, but the blank is not considered full until a verb is played. The teller needs to be the judge of the accuracy of the words played -- the cards need to make sense for the blank that they are played in. If the teller says that the word does not fit, the player can choose another card or pass. As for scoring, each Word Card has a point value on it from 5-15. Whatever you have left at the end of the story is your score. Remember...a lower score is better, so it is best to get rid of high point Word cards whenever you can throughout play. The teller gets 0 points, and the player to the left becomes the new teller. A game is finished when one story has been read from each player, and the player with the lowest score is the winner.

Here is an example of one of the stories and what type of word cards you could put in to play:

Irish Eyes

Sven Jorgenson loves St. Patrick's Day. Every year, he (RED CARD)'s a shamrock on his (BLACK CARD) and goes to the big parade pretending he's Irish. Sven even dyes his (BLACK CARD) green. Sven loves to (RED CARD) everyone in the parade and sometimes even gets to (RED CARD) a pretty colleen on the (BLACK CARD). One time, Sven even traveled to Ireland so he could (RED CARD) the Blarney Stone and search for the pot of (BLACK CARD) at the end of the rainbow. He ate corned (BLACK CARD) and cabbage with a side order of boiled (BLACK CARD) while an Irish tenor was (RED CARD)ing "Danny Boy". The last thing he remembered, after (RED CARD)ing his friends all night in a pub, was trying to (RED CARD) a Leprechaun's (BLACK CARD).

The appropriate words can be played in the red or black card blanks on each round. I am not going to be able to show you an example of a COMPLETED story, because they are pretty dirty - so you can use your imagination!

Although this game sounds really confusing, one you see it in action it is not. The bookmarks get placed across below the word on the appropriate side, as shown above -- that was one rule we had trouble with understanding at first, but we got the hang of it. I played with my friend; again, That Dirty Card game would be better with more than two players, to make game play longer and to have more than one person inserting words at a time. Unfortunately I am moving in a few days and was having trouble coordinating one of our usual, large game nights. I will definitely bring this over when I do. This is for MATURE adults only -- this is a very dirty game when all of the words are filled in. I don't recommend it for anyone that is shy or doesn't like to talk about anything that could be considered dirty. I think of this game as the obscene version of Mad Libs. I really used to love playing Mad Libs when I was a kid. This is similar, because you still have to fill in the blanks with the right word type. Be aware of people not knowing what adverbs and adjectives are -- believe me, there are adults out there that do not know.

Interested in learning more about TDC Games and their products? Check out the links below:


  1. Haha these look like some great games! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!

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