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Wine Wear: Review

Wine Wear, Inc., is a company that is devoted to making wine accessories that make wine-giving a more exciting and fun experience. They offer a variety of specialized "outfits" and greeting cards for wine bottles, as well as decals for wine glasses; they have something for everyone! Their products are patented and are expanding to be sold in stores such as Walgreens throughout the country. They have been featured in several magazines and newspapers, such as: Smart Money, Gift Shop Magazine, The Washington Post, Washington Examiner, Port Arthur News, BNET, Favor Affair, Bay State Banner, Greeting Etc, and Gift and Decorative Accessories Magazine.

Here are some of the other products that Wine Wear offers which were not featured in this review:

Wine Fashion Wear
  • Bride and Groom - Do you take this bottle, to love and to cherish? This set makes a great gift for future newlyweds or a wonderful centerpiece for a shower or rehearsal dinner. Includes a dapper tux and lacy white gown with veil. This adorable set retails for $9.99.

  • Black Dress - She’s a glamour girl who appreciates the finer things in life. Never show up underdressed. This Black Dress Fashion Wear covers bottles of bodacious reds and fashionable whites with a slinky black dress accented with pearls and marabou. Retails for $9.99.

  • Reindeer - This reindeer has a red nose, holiday ribbon and hooves. Retails for $9.99.

  • Golfer - A glass of vino won’t lower your handicap or get you out of the rough, but it might help with that bruised ego. This Golfer Wine Fashion Wear covers bottles of bodacious reds and fashionable whites with a polo-clad player ready for a post-putt drink. Retails for $9.99.

  • Biker - You wouldn’t tell it just by looking at him, but this rough-and-tumble biker can’t resist a finely balanced Bordeaux. Even your gnarliest bottle shows up to the party perfectly dressed. This Biker covers bottles with ride-ready leathers and a colorful bandana. Retails for $9.99.

  • Hula Girl - The secret to mastering the hula is a few sips of vino and the right outfit. Wine Wear ensures your bottle has what it takes to get hips moving. This Hula Girl Fashion Wear has a groovy grass skirt, bikini top, and a colorful lei. Retails for $9.99.

  • Football Player - A great addition to any Super Bowl party. Retails for $9.99.

  • Santa - How do you think Santa got so jolly and rosy cheeked? He’s full of wine, obviously. Wine Wear adds festive flair holiday to your stash of seasonal spirits. This Santa Fashion Wear covers bottles of bodacious reds and fashionable whites with a classic red suit and fluffy beard. Retails for $9.99.

  • Snowman - It’s wasn’t Frosty’s hat that got him dancing with life, it was the chilled chardonnay stashed under his snowy exterior. Wine Wear adds festive flair holiday to your stash of seasonal spirits. This Snowman Wine Fashion Wear covers bottles of bodacious reds and fashionable whites with a friendly, familiar winter face. Retails for $9.99.

 Wine Glass Wear

  • Happy Birthday - A great birthday party decoration. They even say Happy Birthday. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Flip Flops - Flip flops on your wine glass! (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Balloons - Add these balloons to your wine glass. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • High Heels - You can pick the pair that match your outfit. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  •  Christmas Tree  - Make your holiday party the most memorable with these holiday trees on your drinking glasses. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Wedding Rings - Wedding, bachelorette party, shower.....Add these rings to your drinking glasses for a unique decoration. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Baby Carriage - Perfect for a baby shower. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Cupid - Which cupid has struck you with his arrow? (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Jack O Lantern - Great for Halloween parties! (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  •  Turkey  - Add these turkeys to your table decor. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.


 Wine Bottle Wear

Choose from the following designs for just $3.49:

  • Gift
  • Hawaiian
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Wino
  • Aged to Perfection
  • Tux
  • Griller
  • Live Laugh Love
  • Thanks a Bunch
  • Ornaments
  • Turkey
  • Vintage
  • Single 
  • Wingman
  • Santa
  • Santa's Helper
  • Christmas Sweater
  • Thanksgiving Chief
  • Treat
  • Skeleton
  • Congrats
  • Celebrate
  • Welcome Home
  • Wedding Dress
  • Bridal Bouquet

I was lucky enough to receive my very own Wine Bottle Wear to test out so that I could share my opinions with you. I received the "Stars" design, which is really adorable. This design features a bottle of champagne on the front that is "popping" to release a stream of stars. It is a nice dark green color with black and white blended in. As mentioned above, the Wine Bottle Wear retails for just $3.49 per item.

I think that Wine Bottle Wear is the greatest way to make your next gift of a bottle of wine extra special. I have given wine as Christmas and birthday gifts on many occasions, but I always just tossed it in a gift bag or tied a ribbon around it. I had never heard of Wine Wear, or I probably would have looked into it. Wine Bottle Wear is like making a custom greeting card that fits your wine bottle and serves the purpose of labeling your "to and from". At the same time, it makes the wine look even fancier and more thoughtful. I love how Wine Wear makes Wine Bottle Wear for almost EVERY occasion. There are special designs for general celebration, for birthdays, for weddings, for bridal showers, for all holidays, for welcoming someone home, and for thanking someone. On top of that, you also have the adorable and innovative Wine Fashion Wear and Wine Glass Wear to choose from. Besides making a wonderful gift to jazz up a bottle of wine, how cute would these be all lined up at a baby shower or around a cheaper bottle of wine for wedding favors? You could either bring them to the celebration or send them home with your guests. I really think that Wine Bottle Wear makes wine-giving even more classy and appreciable. 

All you need to do to use Wine Bottle Wear is to remove it from the package, write your personal greeting, easily expand it, and then slide it over the neck of the bottle. I found that it fit easily over the two sizes of wine bottles that I had at my house. Although I am showing you what it looks like in the pictures without a greeting, I think that I am going to save it for the next celebratory event and actually give it to someone wrapped around a bottle of wine! Hopefully they don't see this review. ;)

Wine Wear is available for purchase on the Wine Wear website, as well as  . You can also purchase Wine Wear wholesale, or if you are a small store owner you may be interested in picking up Wine Wear as a product to feature in your store.

Interested in learning more about Wine Wear and their products? Check out the links below:

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Edible Green Tea: Review


You have all heard of drinking green tea, and the many benefits that can come from it. However, did you know that by brewing green tea (even though it is very healthy to drink), you are losing a vast majority of the nutrients you could be consuming, from the leaves themselves? realized that you can benefit from eating the green tea directly. They have highlighted many of the healthy benefits you can obtain. 

First, from eating the green tea directly, you will get higher levels of important antioxidants, called flavonoids. One type of flavonoid, catechins, are found primarily in the leaves of the green tea. Antioxidants are important for protecting your body's cells from harmful over-accumulation of free radicals. They can help in the fight against many different types of cancer, atherosclerosis, and cholesterol problems. Antioxidants have been shown to block LDL cholesterol (the bad type) and improve HDL cholesterol (the good type). There have been implications in lowering high blood pressure. In a study summarized on's website, the benefits obtained from each individual antioxidant from drinking green tea vs. eating it can be seen. For Catechins, you will receive 2.55 mg/100g in brewed green tea, but you will get 33 mg/100g from whole green tea leaves. What a difference! There is an even larger gap in other antioxidants: epicatechin - 8.29 mg/100g versus 791.46 mg/100g, Kaempferol - 1.42 mg/100g versus 151.9 mg/100g, and Myricetin - 1.1 mg/100g versus 108.25 mg/100g.

Other important nutrients that you will receive more of by eating the green tea than by drinking it include: protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Tannin. In all of these nutrients there is a significant increase by consuming whole green tea leaves. I was surprised by the fact that you are getting no Vitamin A or fiber, and very little iron, by drinking brewed tea -- but the difference in eating it is huge! compared this to cooking an Italian Wedding Soup with many types of greens to get the flavor and then throwing the greens out before eating them; when you put it that way, it does seem pretty silly. I love eating greens in my soup, because I know how nutritious they maybe I should have the same mindset about tea! has also categorized the benefits of green tea as a whole by individual "ailment", and has provided relevant research and studies for each condition. It turns out that green tea is also good for the following: an antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory, an anti-viral, increasing bone density, bowels, brain health, circulation, your heart, your kidneys, to fight leukemia, for your liver, for your skin, to fight aging, for stroke victims, to fight stress, for your teeth, and for weight loss. Wow! Is there anything that green tea can't do? I have always heard good things about it, but I have a hard time moving away from my Diet Pepsi addiction to get into drinking anything else in a constant routine. This is one great benefit of Edible Green Tea -- now I can find another way to fit Green Tea into my lifestyle and my routine, and I'll be getting more out of it.

Before you go out and buy just any green tea to consume, you need to know that not all green tea is made for eating. Many teas manufactured for brewing are full of pesticides, unhealthy fertilizer particles, and herbicides. Right now, tea is also being imported from areas of the world that have been affected by various types of pollution. These teas are still distributed for brewing, because many of the toxins are not water soluble, so they will not enter your tea. However, it CAN enter your body if you eat the green tea leaves. Therefore, it is important to find a company such as, so that you know your tea is being regulated and designed for consumption. Edible Green Tea is USDA approved, and is certified organic.'s tea has been hand picked and has been tested for high levels of heavy metals. It is not oolong or black tea (these varieties come from the same plant but are oxidized and lack the same amount of nutrition). Also, this Edible Green Tea comes from a province in China that has not been affected by the radiation in Japan.

With Edible Green Tea, although you are getting the antioxidant properties equal to 30 cups of brewed tea, you are getting the same amount of caffeine as in one cup of brewed tea. Also, your body will be slow to process the caffeine, and you should not experience the crash you may get from energy drinks or coffee. In a way, this is a bit of a natural energy boost. Edible Green Tea from comes in two varieties: 

  • Powdered Edible Green Tea - This is available in a 100 gram size, which is enough for one month's worth. This retails for $25.
  • Edible Green Tea Whole Leaves - This is also available in a 100 gram size, and retails for $25 as well.

I was lucky enough to receive a large supply of Edible Green Tea to try for myself, so that I could share my opinions with you. I was very happy with the product. As I mentioned above, it is hard to get me to stray from my Diet Pepsi addiction. I am not much of a brewed tea person in the first place -- I love sweetened ice tea, but I feel that plain brewed green tea is lacking in flavor enough to keep me interested. At the same time, I know that I am really missing out on a tested and true remedy -- green tea is consistently featured on television shows and in relevant research studies and I have no doubt that it has a great nutritional benefit. Edible Green Tea gives me a way to get that without having to choke down tea. Now I can just sprinkle the green tea into a drink or onto my food. 

One tablespoon a day is enough to give you a huge antioxidant burst and energy throughout the day. That is one single serve packet, which you can put all into your food at once or split up. I really need immunity and extra vitamins now that winter is coming, and I have always wanted to test green tea out for its weight loss abilities. Now I feel like I have a way to do that; it is so easy to just sprinkle the Edible Green Tea onto just about anything. The flavor is not as strong as I would have expected...actually, it is just a pleasant after-taste. I found that it worked really well mixed into a thicker juice and in smoothies. I put some into my yogurt, and the texture/taste did not bother me at all. I actually even ate some plain and it left my mouth with a pleasant taste. You might think the gritty texture would be annoying, but it is fine enough that you don't notice it. And even if you did, there is still the powdered version that you could buy. I am very excited to share this product with my friends and family, and to use Edible Green Tea as a way to jump start a more healthy lifestyle!

Interested in learning more about Edible Green Tea? Visit the links below:

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Dizolve Laundry Detergent Strips: Review

 My Dizolve


Dizolve Laundry Detergent Strips are an innovative way to do laundry while at the same time helping out a cause. What are Disolve strips? They are ultra-concentrated, natural cleaning powder that has been pressed into a strip. This pre-measured strip is good for one typical load of laundry, and works efficiently in HE washers as well as regular washers. 

Dizolve Laundry Strips come in one 72-strip pack, which is good for 72 loads of laundry! The strips are arranged in sheets; all you need to do is to detach one (they come apart very easily), put it inside on the bottom of the washer, add your clothes, and then start the load. Dizolve Laundry Strips can be used in hot or cold water, and if you have a very large load or a very soiled load, you can always use two strips instead of one. If you have a very small load, you will only need half a strip. The strips dissolve completely by the end of the load, leaving no residue on your clothes. 

 Another great feature of the Dizolve Laundry Strips is just how eco-friendly they are. First of all, they dramatically cut down on the amount of plastic that many laundry based companies use by packing their strips into a small box. A study highlighted on Dizolve's website indicates that, in Canada, there is an average of 33% waste with detergents, due to over-use. With Dizolve, you know that you are getting the correct amount of detergent for every load, because you don't have to measure it yourself.  Dizolve also reduces the transportation fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 94% compared to other major detergent brands.

Dizolve Laundry Strips are paraben, phosphate, chlorine bleach, dye/perfume, and 1,4-dioxane free. They are vegan, as they are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. They are biodegradable, and certified hypoallergenic. This means that they are gentle on all types of skin, and great for people who are sensitive or who have allergies to perfumes/dyes, etc. They contain the following ingredients: Vegetable glycerin: plant-derived softener, Starch: plant-derived biodegradability booster, PVA: biodegradable supporting matrix, Light mineral oil: non-hazardous softener and processing aid, Acticide SPX: food-grade preservative, Cocamido propyl betaine: coconut oil based, biodegradable amphoteric surfactant (cleaning agent) and foam booster, Alkyl polyglycoside: plant-derived, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant (cleaning agent), Glycerides, coco mono and di, ethoxylated: plant-derived, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant (cleaning agent), Sodium gluconate: plant-derived and food-grade, biodegradable water softener that prevents soil from resettling on fabric after it has been removed during washing, Lauryl dimethyl amine oxide: plant-derived, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant (cleaning agent) and foam stabilizer, Hexylene glycol: biodegradable emulsifier, Sulfonic acids, C14-16-alkane hydroxy and C14-16-alkene, sodium salts: biodegradable surfactant (cleaning agent), Sodium lauryl ether sulfate: biodegradable, non-irritant, anionic surfactant (cleaning agent), Octyl sodium sulfate: biodegradable anionic surfactant (cleaning agent),Residual water. Dizolve Laundry Strips are perfectly safe for septics.

One aspect that really stands out about this company is their dedication to charity and nonprofit organizations. For every purchase of Dizolve Laundry Strips, you are giving a portion of the cost to an organization that may be a school, a team, a hospital, foundation, etc. Nonprofit organizations can sign up through Dizolve's website for fundraising opportunities. This is Dizolve's way of giving back, while at the same time promoting their product -- this is really sensible advertising. Right now, some of the featured organizations that you can help out (you choose which one when you check out with your order) are Food Banks Canada, Alberta Food Relief, PEI Humane Society, Caring Hearts and Helping Hands, Miracles at First Childcare Centre, South Shore United Church, etc. I love how you can choose the organization that your purchase helps.

A study that was conducted in 2012 indicated that 93% of Dizolve users found Dizolve to have equal or better cleaning ability than their previous detergent. If this sounds like your type of product, Dizolve Laundry Strips are available for purchase on their website, for just $14.99 (Canadian). Until the end of September, you can get two boxes of laundry strips for the price of one, so make sure to take advantage of this great deal!

I love Dizolve Laundry Detergent Strips! I don't think you could get any easier. This product would have been so helpful in college, when I had to drag home a giant container of laundry detergent on a bus along with all of my other groceries. I would have much rather ordered Dizolve Laundry Strips online. On top of being convenient, Dizolve Laundry Detergent Strips are incredibly cost-friendly. It is very true that I tend to over-shoot the "line on the cap" of typical detergents and it becomes wasteful. We do a lot of laundry in a week, and we go through liquid detergent like water. Dizolve Laundry Detergent Strips are going to help us save money and time. I thought that I might miss the fragrance of some detergents, but I did not. Dizolve worked really well to keep my laundry fresh and clean, and I know that its ingredients are better for my skin; I have very sensitive skin that is prone to drying out and itchy patches. With Dizolve, I do not have to worry about that. I really recommend Dizolve Laundry Detergent Strips! I couldn't believe that so much power could be packed in such a little strip, but it truly works.

Interested in learning more about Dizolve and their products? Check out the links below:

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just a Drop Bathroom Odor Eliminator - Review


 RC Productions is a company based out of White Plains, NY, that offers a wonderful host of products centered around odor elimination.

 7 Pack Sampler

Just a Drop has several other products and scents that were not featured in this review. Here's an overview:

Refreshing Spring - A clean fresh scent reminiscent of a cool spring breeze. This odor eliminator is available for purchase in a two bottle pack ($15.99), a four bottle pack ($28.80), and a six bottle pack ($39.98). 

Morning Rain - Clean, fresh scent reminiscent of a morning rain shower. This odor eliminator is available for purchase in a two bottle pack ($15.99), a four bottle pack ($28.80), and a six bottle pack ($39.98). 

Citrus SplashClean, refreshing citrus scent. This odor eliminator is available for purchase in a two bottle pack ($15.99), a four bottle pack ($28.80), and a six bottle pack ($39.98). 

Lemon Fresh - The light scent of a fresh cut lemon. This odor eliminator is available for purchase in a two bottle pack ($15.99), a four bottle pack ($28.80), and a six bottle pack ($39.98). 

Sunshiny Day - The light fresh scent of fresh roses on a summer day. This odor eliminator is available for purchase in a two bottle pack ($15.99), a four bottle pack ($28.80), and a six bottle pack ($39.98).

Floral Oasis - A fresh light scent that’s as refreshing as an open field. This odor eliminator is available for purchase in a two bottle pack ($15.99), a four bottle pack ($28.80), and a six bottle pack ($39.98). 

2 Pack Sampler - Any two scents can be purchased together in a sampler size for just $15.99.

Just a Drop 'Mini' - These bottles are half the size of the original with 200 uses per bottle and a natural Eucalyptus scent. They retail for three bottles for $16.95, six bottles for $29.99, and 12 bottles for $51.99.

Family Size - This bottle is 3.4 oz and is good for over 2,000 uses. You can purchase it in any scent and it retails for $24.99.

Travel Package - This neat little package includes two daily use bottles and two mini bottles in the natural eucalyptus scent. It retails for $22.99.

3 Sizes Package - In this package, you receive one family size eucalyptus scent, one daily use eucalyptus scent, and one mini eucalyptus scent. It retails for just $34.98.

3, 4, 5, or 7 pack Sampler - Various scents, retail prices are $23.10, $28.80, $34.98, and $44.98, accordingly.

Super Size TV Offer - This package includes 6 daily use bottles, 20 on the go packets, and 2 mini bottles for just $49.99.

Supersize Family Use Bottle - The largest version of the popular odor eliminator is 8oz and is good for over 4,000 uses. One bottle is just $34.99.

Sink and Shower Drain Odor Eliminator - One drop in sink or shower drain eliminates all odors on contact. This product comes in a .5oz bottle and is safe for use on septic systems. It retails for $7.99.

Fresh Air for the Home - All natural, non toxic Fresh Air Odor Eliminator is the safe and effective solution for eliminating foul odors in your home. This product has a plant-based formula and comes in a 4 oz bottle. It retails for $14.99 per two bottles.

Urine Stain and Odor Removal - Eliminates even the strongest urine odors & stains. This product works on any type of urine and on any surface. It is 100% natural and comes in a 4 oz. bottle. It retails for $7.99/bottle.

Shoe Odor Eliminator - Fresh Air’s Shoe & Sneaker Odor Eliminator is the safe and effective solution for eliminating unpleasant odors. Just two sprays from this 4 oz. bottle is enough to remove the strongest of odors. It is 100% natural and retails for $7.99/bottle.

Fresh Air 3 Pack - This package includes one Fresh Air for the Home, 1 Shoe Odor Eliminator, and one Urine Stain and Odor Removal. It retails for $19.99.

Shoe odor eliminator

I received 10 Just a Drop Singles for review, so that I could share my opinion with you. Just a Drop Singles have a natural eucalyptus scent and come in individual, 1 ml packets for single use. You can purchase Just a Drop Singles on Just a Drops' website for $11.99 (20 individual packets) or $19.99 (40 individual packets).

Just a Drop is one of the easiest and most effective bathroom odor eliminators that I have ever had the privilege of using. I won't go into all the gory details concerning bathroom visits, but we have all had to deal with striking a match one or twice after a bathroom visit, or by spraying an air freshener that ended up choking us. Some air fresheners are nice, but often the smell just combines with the "bathroom" smell and you get something that is almost worse than you started with. Air fresheners have a tendency to be very over powered, and quite frankly, spraying a powerful air freshener in a public place is like screaming out that you just went to the bathroom. The scent follows you out in a very obvious fashion. 

With Just a Drop Singles, all you have to do is empty the contents of the pouch into the toilet BEFORE you use the toilet. When using the full sized Just a Drop, you only need one or two drops to do the job. Just a Drop is the first natural odor eliminator to be able to remove up to 98% of odors before they have a chance to get into the air. How does it do this? By creating a "deodorizing layer on the water surface" that traps and eliminates odors. One full sized bottle will last for about 400 uses -- at the price, it is very economical and you will end up having enough uses for about four bottles of air freshener! I really liked the eucalyptus scent, and the other scents that Just a Drop offers sound great as well. Although I won't go into detail, rest assured knowing that Just a Drop does what it claims to do -- it really does remove the odor.

Just a Drop is also a great solution for a host of medical conditions that involve embarrassing odors, including: Cystic Fibrosis, Celiac Disease, Steathorrhea, Giardia, Colitis, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Bariatric Surgery, etc. Just a Drop has been featured on the Dr. Oz show and the show "The Doctors", where it was given much praise.

Just a Drop is environmentally friendly, so you don't have to worry about using it near yourself or your children. It is also very safe for any type of septic system, as it is just a highly concentrated plant extract. The other "ingredients" are disinfectant and fragrance. 

I think that Just a Drop Singles would be the perfect thing to take while traveling, especially if you have a long bus ride or airplane ride. I know that I sometimes am wary of using public bathrooms in these situations given that they can get gross midway through the trip. If Just a Drop works this well on my toilet, I am sure it could over power a public bathroom odor as well. I think these single packets would also be great to take to a concert or an outdoor outing where there are only portable toilets. Those are the instances where I try NOT to use the bathroom under any condition, but sometimes you have no choice -- why not make it better by having something with you to help mask the smell? I'm sure everyone else would appreciate it as well. I believe that Just a Drop full sized bottles, in any scent, would be a wonderful addition to a doctor's office, a restaurant, or any other public bathroom. They would be a great replacement for air fresheners.

Since Just a Drop really believes in their product, they have a "satisfaction guarantee", where you can reclaim your money in 30 days if you are unhappy with their product. Don't worry, you won't have to! If you are looking to purchase Just a Drop after reading what I have to say, you are in luck. Just a Drop is offering The Second Thought readers a special offer -- a 20% discount off your first purchase by entering the coupon code "Blogger" at check out. Happy purchasing! 

Interested in learning more about Just a Drop? Visit the links below:

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BA STAR Stardust Review


BA Star is one of the top-rated companies for the production of makeup and accessories that are great for cheerleading, dancing, competitions, and trendsetters alike. They are based out of Potomac, MD, and offer creative products that can be purchased in bulk as teams or by schools, or even by individuals. BA Star makeup and accessories are great for fund raising, and can be ordered in kits to receive a deal price. Teams can even apply for free samples of BA Star Makeup through their website before purchasing! 


Although I cannot list every single item that BA Star has to offer (there are so many!), here is an overview with a few examples of what you'll find for sale that are not featured in this review:
  •  Glitter Eyeshadows and Glue (Silver Starz, Fire Magenta Glitter, Purple Passion Glitter, Lime Glitter, Turquoise Glitter, Sparkling Orange Glitter, etc)
  • High Drama Pressed Shadows (Petal Pink Matte, Ice Blue Matte, Diamond Matte, etc)
  • Mascara, Liners, and Lash Products (Blue Glitter Mascara, Studio Lashes, Sliver Glitter Mascara, Black Liquid Eye Liner, etc.)
  •  Lip Pencils and Gloss (Holiday Red Lip Pencil, Passion Pink Lip Pencil, Zebra Lip Gloss Duo, 2 Piece Natural Lip Kit, etc.)
  • Cosmetic Bags (Love Collection Train Case, Train Case Red Trim, Pink Barrel Bag, etc.)
  •  Eye Shadow Palettes (Natural Shadow Palette, True Blue Shadow Palette, Makeup 101 Pretty N Pink, etc.)
  •  Blush and Bronzer (Raspberry Blush, Hot Pink Blush, Golden Bronze Bronzer, etc.)
  • Tools/Makeup Accessories (Cleansing Wipes Aloe, Long Handle Shadow Brush, Reusable Shopping Tote, etc.)
  •  Headbands (Orange Glitter Head Band, Flame Red and Gold Glitter Head Band, Lime Glitter Head Band, 4 Row Crystal Head Band, 2 Row Crystal Head Band)
  • Glitter Stickers (Silver and Purple Glitter, Zebra and Red Glitter, Silver and Black Glitter, Hot Pink and Black Glitter, etc.)
  • Crystal Lanyards, Wristlets, and Luggage Tags (Red Crystal Wristlet, Clear Crystal Bag Tag, Royal Blue Bag Tag, Black Crystal Lanyard, Columbia Blue Crystal Lanyard, etc.)


I was lucky enough to receive a BA Star Stardust Eye Shadow in shade Chocolate, as well as one of BA Star's Glue-Liquid Base for a foundation. These eye shadows retail for just $8.75 on BA Star's website. The Glue-Liquid Base retails for $8.75 as well. As you all know, I am a huge makeup fanatic, so I jumped at the chance to review BA Star's products. I had never heard of their company before, so I was eager to try the sultry looking shadow.

Although BA Star offers nearly every type of eye shadow you could want, from glitter to matte to pressed, the Stardust Eye Shadows are loose, mineral-type shadows with a soft shimmer. They come in a .5 oz container and have plenty for many uses (a little goes a long way!). If you order six or more Stardust Eye Shadows, they become just $5.00 each. The other shades that you can purchase include: Bronze Star Dust, Diamond Star Dust, Apricot Star Dust, Petal Pink Star Dust, Lavender Star Dust, Deep Plum Star Dust, Gold Star Dust, and Steel Star Dust. The Chocolate Star Dust eye shadow contains the following ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red No. 40, Red Iron Oxide, FD&C Yellow No. 5, Ultramarine Blue, Black Iron Oxide, and Manganese Violet.

BA Star's Glue-Liquid Base boasts an all day hold and is great under eye shadow or glitter. You simply apply it with the wand when you unscrew it, in a nice and even, thin coat across your eyelids or wherever you intend to put eye shadow or glitter. It is sweat resistant and comes in a 1.5 fl oz. container. If you order six or more, the Glue-Liquid Base can be purchased for just $5.00 each! The Glue-Liquid Base contains the following ingredients: Water, Magnesium Aluminum Silicae, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide copolymer, PVP-K90, Xanthan-GUM, Triethanolamine, Stearic Acid, PEG-75 Lanolin, Bees Wax, Polyethylene, Synthetic Carnauba Wax, Synthetic Candelilla Wax, Dimethicone, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, and Butylparaben.

I applied the BA Star Glue-Liquid Base before I applied the eye shadow. I found that the Glue-Liquid Base went on evenly, and only felt slightly sticky or heavy while it was drying. Once it dried, I didn't notice it feeling boggy at all, which is good, because I don't like feeling like I have something weighing down my eyes. It dried relatively quickly. It was nice to have the base, because without the Glue-Liquid Base, I noticed that the Chocolate Stardust Eye Shadow was not as prominent (when I put it on my hand to test it). The Glue-Liquid Base definitely helped the eye shadow stick in place. I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation of the Chocolate Stardust eye shadow; I am VERY picky about how well an eye shadow goes on and how deeply pigmented it is. The color was nice; a dark and vibrant chocolate that was true to its name. I liked the texture of the eye shadow as well -- it had a nice even shimmer that was not overly glittery and not too flat. With the Glue-Liquid Base, it only creased a little throughout the day, which is a lot better than most cosmetic brands. My one negative about the Chocolate Stardust Eye Shadow would be its inability to blend as well as I would have liked. Now, that may be because the eye shadow that I was wearing on the inside was a different brand, but I still felt like there was a distinct cut off and I could not get the two colors to come together as I would have liked for the most polished look. If you wear only one color, this would not be a problem (or you could try it with a lighter BA Star color on the inside to see if the blending works better). This also may have been due to the Glue-Liquid Base, since it is so good at keeping the color in place..perhaps the texture was not allowing for me to drag the colors together. I would probably give this eye shadow and base a 4/5 stars. The price is really competitive, and I think that for people who aren't as picky as I am, this is a wonderful company for all of your make-up needs. I would recommend this company to teams who are looking to purchase products in bulk -- I think that BA Star has a nice collection of colors and textures and will really "bling" up your next performance!

In the pictures below, I have Urban Decay eyeshadow, eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner on and I have the BA Star Chocolate Stardust eye shadow on the outside corners of my eyes. I think the color is great with a light/medium skin-tone and darker eyes.

Interested in learning more about BA Star and their products? Check out the links below:

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Symbiotics Colostrum Plus Review

Here are some of the great products that Symbiotics offers that are not featured in this review:
  •  Colostrum High-IG - For people who want extra support from Immunoglobulin. Guaranteed 40% igg immunoglobulin content. Extra antibodies for GI tract support. Improves nutrient absorption. 
  • Kosher Certified Colostrum PLUS® - This product features the same immune health benefits of our Colostrum PLUS® in a Kosher certified capsule.
  •  Lactoferrin-Colostrum- Helps strengthen and balance immune response while preventing free radical formation. Helps enhance tissue oxygenation. Provides iron to support white blood cells.
  •  Arthro Formula®- Support cartilage & joint function and balance the immune system. Provides extra support for bones & joints. Helps maintain healthy connective tissue.
  •  Immune Formula™- Provides extra support when your body is under environmental or physical stress. Provides powerful immune factors. Stimulates immune activity. Helps maintain an un-inflammed GI tract.
  •  Candida Balance- Gastrointestinal tract detoxifier, with Colostrum PLUS® and Probiotics. Promotes growth of healthy bacteria. Helps maintain normal levels of Candida albicans bacteria.
  • Colostrum PLUS® Chewables - Tastes great! Boosts energy. High Bio-availability.
  •  Lactoferrin 100% - The highest quality, purest form of lactoferrin, a natural anti-oxidant, which robs fuel from cells that are not part of the body. Helps enhance tissue oxygenation. Provides iron to support white blood cells.
  • Nattokinase - An all-natural enzyme that assists in maintaining normal blood pressure. Helps maintain circulation & blood flow. Helps reduce excess blood viscosity. Helps arterial flexibility.
  •  Tryp·to·ZEN - Nature’s way to a relaxed state of being.™ Safe & Natural, no side effects. Works by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. Helps Manage Stress. Promotes Relaxation.
  • Proline-Rich Polypeptides with Colostrum PLUS® - Restores balance to the immune system. Stimulates an underactive immune system. Safe and effective for all ages.


    I was lucky enough to be able to review Symbiotics' Colostrum Plus Capsules, so that I could share my opinion with you. Symbiotics' Colostrum Plus Formula is a unique dietary supplement that comes in a 120-count bottle. Colostrum is actually the "food" provided to mammal infants, which is contained in breast milk. If you have heard that breast feeding is essential for delivering proper nutrients that are very beneficial to growth and development, you are probably correct. Colostrum contains immunoglobulins, growth factors, antibodies, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc. As we grow older, our natural production of these molecules starts to decline, so it is important to restore them. 

    Symbiotics' Colostrum Plus is a great supplement if you are looking to strengthen your immune system. What better time than now, with Flu season right around the corner? I know that I could really use an immunity boost, because I feel myself weakening and becoming very susceptible to colds lately. I am also burning the candle at both ends by studying extensively and getting little sleep, so I desperately need something to keep my health intact, as I can't afford to get sick. I do take regular vitamins as often as I remember to, but I really believe that Colostrum Plus is an added benefit, because many of its "ingredients" are not found in your typical vitamins.

    Colostrum Plus also helps support a healthy GI tract by promoting a more healthy intestinal lining, as well as a healthy flora. I just learned about the importance of gut flora in one of my classes at medical school; current research suggests that maintaining gut flora (natural, GOOD bacteria that our system needs) can actually lead to weight loss and a lower instance of disease. In obese individuals and individuals who have medical issues such as colon cancer, we see the normal bacterial flora being overpowered by "bad" bacteria, which throws off the necessary balance. 

    The growth factors in Colostrum Plus enhance stamina and help with regrowth of skin, bones, muscles, nerves and cartilage. By taking Colostrum Plus, you may benefit from an increase in skin elasticity (a component I was very excited about, since my doctor has always told me that I have very low skin elasticity), muscle mass production, and general strength of muscles. Another great feature of Colostrum Plus is its bioavailability (another concept I just learned about!). Having a high level of bio-availability means that a higher percentage of the supplement or drug will reach its target organ or tissue unchanged. Colostrum Plus offers a Bio-Lipid coating that keeps the capsules from being destroyed by stomach acid so that they will be most effective. 

    Directions: take two capsules, twice daily on an empty stomach. Triple this amount in times of environmental or physical stress. For children, cut these serving sizes in half. 
     The main ingredient in Colostrum Plus is Bolvine Colestrum (from milk) at 960 mg. Colostrum Plus comes from USDA Grade A dairy cows which are rBST, antibiotic, hormone, and pesticide free.  Two capsules are one serving size.



    I have been taking Symbiotics' Colostrum Plus for over two weeks now, and I feel great. I was plagued by colds, but so far, so good. Every time I enter a new school season I always feel myself getting sick because I seem to have a fairly weak immune system; when I am subjected to lots of different people I almost always end up coming down with something. I love that this supplement gives me the best of many worlds -- enhanced immunity, maintaining normal gut flora, possible skin elasticity improvement, and enhanced muscle mass. Although it is too early to tell whether it is having an effect on all of those components, I would say that there is a fairly good chance that it is. I can't see anyone NOT benefiting from such a powerful formula. I will continue to take the supplement until it runs out to see if I can stay Flu free, and to see if I can boost my immunity and my flora! I definitely recommend Symbiotics Colostrum to anyone that finds themselves getting sick often, or even to anyone in general...I would take this supplement as a precautionary method.

Interested in learning more about Symbiotics and their products? Check out the links below:

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Schaefer Inc 82 Customizable Wine Glass Review

Schaefer Inc 82 is a small, one-woman owned business operating out of Aurora, Colorado. It just opened its doors in April of 2013, after the owner decided to make her passion into a business in order to honor her mother (a small business owner for over 20 years) and her brother. Schaefer Inc 82 offers high-quality, affordable gifts that are both creative and hand-crafted. Their gifts are special because they are completely customizable, from the colors and words to the designs or engravings. Your ideas can be directly translated into a beautiful piece to keep or give as a gift to a loved one.

(Innovative Chalkboard Glasses)

(Denver Landscape Glasses)

(Flower Wine Glasses)

(Glitter Wine Glasses)

Schaefer 82 just opened an online shop where you can purchase many great customizable gifts at VERY inexpensive prices! It isn't too early to start thinking about buying Christmas gifts for friends, or for birthdays if you have any coming up. I can't think of any other store where you can get a beautiful handmade creation that is very useful at such a reasonable price. I say this because I know that a lot of time must go into Schaefer Inc 82's creations. Handmade gifts, especially personalized, are the most unique and thoughtful in my opinion. I like knowing that when I purchase a gift for someone, it is the only one of its kind. I love that Schaefer Inc 82 pays such close attention to detail, and is open to interpreting and creating any design you might have in mind. You could make their products fit anyone's personality, and for any age group. I think they have appropriate gifts for just about everyone. I also think that any of their glasses would make wonderful wedding pieces or shower gifts. Here are the other products not mentioned in this review that Schaefer Inc 82. currently offers, with ANY CUSTOMIZABLE design you can think of:

Basic Martini Glass - You can choose from a clear martini glass to customize, or a martini glass with a green or blue stem. You can add words, designs, engravings, or colors -- the possibilities are endless! These glasses retail for just $9.99.

Goblet Drinking Glass - This glass has a very unique shape that is great for many different occasions. It retails, customized, for just $9.99.

Square Drinking Glass - This glass is great for either cocktails or for just your everyday drinking glass! It retails, customized, for just $9.99

Beautiful Vase - This vase would really enhance the personalization and thoughtfulness of the next bouquet of flowers you send to a loved one. I think this customizable vase would be a great get-well present or a Valentine's Day gift. It retails for just $12.99.
Schaefer Inc 82 also regularly offers customizable, handmade jewelry (earrings, necklaces, key chain rings, regular rings, etc), beer mugs and candle holders and plans to manufacture personalized shot glasses, t-shirts, handbags, craft items and more! Since they are a relatively new company, it will be very exciting to see them expand and to see the new line of products as they become available. I am sure that all of their products will be high quality and will have beautiful handiwork.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review one of Schaefer Inc 82's Customizable Wine Glasses. When I saw the pictures of wine glasses they had created in the past, I was very excited to be able to have my own design manifested. Just as you can do on their website (if you choose to purchase your own handmade gift), I was asked how I would like to customize my wine glass - whether I wanted words, designs, colors, or engravings...or a mixture of any of the above. If you can't tell, I absolutely love black and white design concepts, and I try to decorate my apartment with things that fit that "color" scheme. I love unique black and white geometric patterns, especially "Damask", which to me looks like a mix of floral design and some kind of Victorian-esque artwork. I asked if I could have a black and white Damask wine glass - simple but, in my mind, very elegant. I left it up to the owner to decide just how to create this special wine glass.

Needless to say, I was very happy with the results. It is clear that the wine glass took a lot of time and effort, as the design is very meticulous. It is perfectly centered and there is no shabby work done at all - it is beautiful and expertly finished. You can really tell that Schaefer Inc 82 cares to create QUALITY handmade pieces. Often when people have a passion for design and creating works for others, their hard work shows through the piece. I also love how the design was interpreted, given that I left the idea somewhat open. Schaefer Inc 82 is great at deciphering what will fit and what will make for a very unique and timeless gift. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for something unusual to give their friends or family. I really think that at ten dollars to thirteen dollars you are getting a steal; this company is a hidden gem in the rough, and I bet it won't take long for someone to catch on. I have used my wine glass a few times already (although since I am in medical school, unfortunately, it hasn't been for wine, but fizzy juice) and it has held up great through hand-washing. I am very pleased with it, and I have already received several compliments from guests. I know that all of my friends want a personal drinking glass! I have included a picture below so you can see how awesome it is -- it fits my personality perfectly and now I want a whole set for company. These would look so cute all around the table at a dinner party.

This Customizable Wine Glass can be purchased on Schaefer Inc 82's website, here, for just $9.99. After you select a design scheme and fill out the customization form, Schaefer Inc 82 will send you a confirmation email with a sample photo so that you can tweak your design until it is exactly the way you were picturing it! You can't get this kind of individual attention from other companies. I love ordering from small businesses. Shipping for any jewelry products is $5.99 for 1-5 pieces, and $7.99 for 6-10 pieces. For glassware, you will only need to pay $5.99. I can attest that the glassware comes wrapped up very intricately, so I wouldn't worry about damage to the glass while shipping.

Interested in learning more about Schaefer Inc 82 and their products? Check out the links below:

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