Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wine Wear: Review

Wine Wear, Inc., is a company that is devoted to making wine accessories that make wine-giving a more exciting and fun experience. They offer a variety of specialized "outfits" and greeting cards for wine bottles, as well as decals for wine glasses; they have something for everyone! Their products are patented and are expanding to be sold in stores such as Walgreens throughout the country. They have been featured in several magazines and newspapers, such as: Smart Money, Gift Shop Magazine, The Washington Post, Washington Examiner, Port Arthur News, BNET, Favor Affair, Bay State Banner, Greeting Etc, and Gift and Decorative Accessories Magazine.

Here are some of the other products that Wine Wear offers which were not featured in this review:

Wine Fashion Wear
  • Bride and Groom - Do you take this bottle, to love and to cherish? This set makes a great gift for future newlyweds or a wonderful centerpiece for a shower or rehearsal dinner. Includes a dapper tux and lacy white gown with veil. This adorable set retails for $9.99.

  • Black Dress - She’s a glamour girl who appreciates the finer things in life. Never show up underdressed. This Black Dress Fashion Wear covers bottles of bodacious reds and fashionable whites with a slinky black dress accented with pearls and marabou. Retails for $9.99.

  • Reindeer - This reindeer has a red nose, holiday ribbon and hooves. Retails for $9.99.

  • Golfer - A glass of vino won’t lower your handicap or get you out of the rough, but it might help with that bruised ego. This Golfer Wine Fashion Wear covers bottles of bodacious reds and fashionable whites with a polo-clad player ready for a post-putt drink. Retails for $9.99.

  • Biker - You wouldn’t tell it just by looking at him, but this rough-and-tumble biker can’t resist a finely balanced Bordeaux. Even your gnarliest bottle shows up to the party perfectly dressed. This Biker covers bottles with ride-ready leathers and a colorful bandana. Retails for $9.99.

  • Hula Girl - The secret to mastering the hula is a few sips of vino and the right outfit. Wine Wear ensures your bottle has what it takes to get hips moving. This Hula Girl Fashion Wear has a groovy grass skirt, bikini top, and a colorful lei. Retails for $9.99.

  • Football Player - A great addition to any Super Bowl party. Retails for $9.99.

  • Santa - How do you think Santa got so jolly and rosy cheeked? He’s full of wine, obviously. Wine Wear adds festive flair holiday to your stash of seasonal spirits. This Santa Fashion Wear covers bottles of bodacious reds and fashionable whites with a classic red suit and fluffy beard. Retails for $9.99.

  • Snowman - It’s wasn’t Frosty’s hat that got him dancing with life, it was the chilled chardonnay stashed under his snowy exterior. Wine Wear adds festive flair holiday to your stash of seasonal spirits. This Snowman Wine Fashion Wear covers bottles of bodacious reds and fashionable whites with a friendly, familiar winter face. Retails for $9.99.

 Wine Glass Wear

  • Happy Birthday - A great birthday party decoration. They even say Happy Birthday. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Flip Flops - Flip flops on your wine glass! (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Balloons - Add these balloons to your wine glass. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • High Heels - You can pick the pair that match your outfit. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  •  Christmas Tree  - Make your holiday party the most memorable with these holiday trees on your drinking glasses. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Wedding Rings - Wedding, bachelorette party, shower.....Add these rings to your drinking glasses for a unique decoration. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Baby Carriage - Perfect for a baby shower. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Cupid - Which cupid has struck you with his arrow? (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  • Jack O Lantern - Great for Halloween parties! (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.

  •  Turkey  - Add these turkeys to your table decor. (9 decals included). Retails for $3.49.


 Wine Bottle Wear

Choose from the following designs for just $3.49:

  • Gift
  • Hawaiian
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Wino
  • Aged to Perfection
  • Tux
  • Griller
  • Live Laugh Love
  • Thanks a Bunch
  • Ornaments
  • Turkey
  • Vintage
  • Single 
  • Wingman
  • Santa
  • Santa's Helper
  • Christmas Sweater
  • Thanksgiving Chief
  • Treat
  • Skeleton
  • Congrats
  • Celebrate
  • Welcome Home
  • Wedding Dress
  • Bridal Bouquet

I was lucky enough to receive my very own Wine Bottle Wear to test out so that I could share my opinions with you. I received the "Stars" design, which is really adorable. This design features a bottle of champagne on the front that is "popping" to release a stream of stars. It is a nice dark green color with black and white blended in. As mentioned above, the Wine Bottle Wear retails for just $3.49 per item.

I think that Wine Bottle Wear is the greatest way to make your next gift of a bottle of wine extra special. I have given wine as Christmas and birthday gifts on many occasions, but I always just tossed it in a gift bag or tied a ribbon around it. I had never heard of Wine Wear, or I probably would have looked into it. Wine Bottle Wear is like making a custom greeting card that fits your wine bottle and serves the purpose of labeling your "to and from". At the same time, it makes the wine look even fancier and more thoughtful. I love how Wine Wear makes Wine Bottle Wear for almost EVERY occasion. There are special designs for general celebration, for birthdays, for weddings, for bridal showers, for all holidays, for welcoming someone home, and for thanking someone. On top of that, you also have the adorable and innovative Wine Fashion Wear and Wine Glass Wear to choose from. Besides making a wonderful gift to jazz up a bottle of wine, how cute would these be all lined up at a baby shower or around a cheaper bottle of wine for wedding favors? You could either bring them to the celebration or send them home with your guests. I really think that Wine Bottle Wear makes wine-giving even more classy and appreciable. 

All you need to do to use Wine Bottle Wear is to remove it from the package, write your personal greeting, easily expand it, and then slide it over the neck of the bottle. I found that it fit easily over the two sizes of wine bottles that I had at my house. Although I am showing you what it looks like in the pictures without a greeting, I think that I am going to save it for the next celebratory event and actually give it to someone wrapped around a bottle of wine! Hopefully they don't see this review. ;)

Wine Wear is available for purchase on the Wine Wear website, as well as  . You can also purchase Wine Wear wholesale, or if you are a small store owner you may be interested in picking up Wine Wear as a product to feature in your store.

Interested in learning more about Wine Wear and their products? Check out the links below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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