Saturday, October 5, 2013

Elemental Herbs: "All Good Lips" SPF-18 Tinted Lip Balm Review

Elemental Herbs is a company based out of Los Osos, California, which specializes in manufacturing products that are "good for people and good for the earth." It was created in 2005. Owner Caroline Duell had a vision -- to blend aspects of nature with aspects of healing (she is a massage therapist). Elemental Herbs offers organically-grown items ranging from sun screen to sore muscle spray; they boast plant-based formulas and natural ingredients to keep your body feeling great. This company is part of "1 Percent for the Planet", meaning that one percent of all revenue from product sales goes to making the world a better place. Elemental Herbs has been highlighted in many forms of media...too many to list! A few notable ones are: Lucky Magazine, Men's Journal, Prevention, Backpacker, Wholeliving, Better Nutrition, Style, Fashion Magazine, etc.

Herbal Cool

Here are some of the other products that Elemental Herbs has to offer that are not featured in this review:

  • Sunstick SPF30 - Elemental Herbs Zinc Sunstick is ideal for the face, nose, ears and more. Broad UVA/UVB protection. In addition to the power-packed protection of zinc which goes on clear, our formula also includes a host of rich, skin-saving certified organic oils, including jojoba, coconut and avocado. Retails for $7.99.
  •  Sunscreen SPF33 - We take safety seriously with these new sunscreen formulas. You get the benefits of certified organic green tea and rose hip antioxidants and certified organic jojoba and extra virgin olive moisturizing oils. Now in a SPF 33 version with the safest sun protection ingredient: pure non-nano zinc oxide. Safe for coral reefs, safe for kids and safe for you. Slather‘em on and don’t worry, you won’t find a white residue left behind. Retails for $15.99.
  •  Herbal Cool with 360 Pump - Herbal Cool is the first and only all-natural sore muscle spray proven to provide Fast Pain Relief for sore muscles and achy joints through a carefully formulated blend of herbs and organic plants. It goes on cool and warms up fast. Whether you’re sore from a workout, suffering from chronic pain or getting your muscles warmed up for a race, you can use Herbal Cool to take the edge off. Don't forget to hydrate, stretch, get bodywork and eat well for optimal health! The 2 oz. size retails for $11.99 and the 4 oz. size retails for $19.99.
  •  All Good Goop  - Our first product ever to hit store shelves, we named All Good Goop when we realized how amazing it is for everything! It's organic, all natural, petroleum-free and a great moisturizer and soothing salve. Its formula is strong enough for a climber's raw knuckles and gentle enough for a baby's bottom. Retails for $8.50.
  •  All Good Lips - Our smooth textured organic lip balms contain the same organic healing herbs as our All Good Goop with the addition of essential oils for soothing and refreshing tastes on the lips. Consider them healing balms for the lips that fit in your pocket. All SPF flavors are oxybenzone free. Retails for $3.50.

 I was lucky enough to be able to review Elemental Herbs' All Good Lips SPF-18 Tinted Lip Balm, so that I could share my opinions with you. I chose to review the Alpine Pink Shade. All of these tinted lip balms come in a 2.55g size. They are Carmine and gluten free and USDA/NOP Certified Organic. 

There are six different shades of All Good Lips SPF-18 Tinted Lip Balm to choose from; there is one for just about every occasion and for every personality, from reserved to bold. I love the broad array of was very hard to decide on one, because for different events I like to have different lip colors. If I am going to class in the morning, I prefer a softer shade, but if I am going out with friends, I don't mind trying out a darker red from time to time. Here are the shades that you can choose from:

NEW! All Good Lips - Tinted
  • Pacific Mist - a shiny shimmer, almost clear with a very light white hue. Nice on it's own if you're feeling subtle, or PERFECT FOR PAIRING with other COLORS to give them a little lift. We respect the mighty ocean and revere her mystical beauty. (Contains no zinc oxide).

  •  Barnabe Rose - for the naturalist that loves the feel, this rose shows up well, and just enough to highlight your own pretty lip tones. Named for the birthplace of Elemental Herbs, Mt Barnabe Farm, in west Marin, CA.

  •  Maroon Creek - So kissable! And dynamic, walk on the wild side with this one. The creek brings cool clear mountain water from the Maroon Bells near Aspen, CO down through the Roaring Fork Valley. 

  •  Red Rocks - is Red! Red from sandstone, not red from cherry cough drops.  Ever dream of climbing high in a desert or seeing Rock 'n Roll at the world's coolest natural amphitheater? RED ROCKS it is!

  •  Copper Canyon -  is a lovely brownish shine, a must for your fall wardrobes. Let's go get lost! The copper canyons in Mexico are a wild and magical maze of flora, fauna and culture.

The active ingredient in "All Good Lips" Alpine Pink SPF-18 Lip Balm is Zinc Oxide 10% (non-nanoparticle). Additional ingredients include: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Calendula, Organic Comfrey, Organic Lavender, Organic Plantain, Organic Yarrow, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E. It may contain the following: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Iron Oxides.

Alpine Pink All Good Lips SPF-18 Lip Balm has a light pink hue with a soft, glossy shine. I ultimately chose this color because it wasn't the lightest or darkest. I also feel like the lighter shades of pink compliment my medium skin tone better than some of the more orange or purple ones. The color matches the outside package almost perfectly, which I feel is rare when purchasing tinted/colored lip balm or lip gloss. I am always disappointed when the shade is much darker or lighter than I originally thought. This is the perfect pink shade; great for daily errands or activities, appropriate for work, and even great for going out. For anyone that fears lip color, I highly recommend trying out a softer tinted lip balm such as this one to get a feel for it. It really framed my lips well, and as seemingly subtle as the color is, I did receive a compliment on it.  

I love this company's sense of blending nature and healing. I am happy to put their All Good Lips SPF-18 Tinted Lip Balm on because I know that it is in no way harmful to my body, and that is more than I can say for most of my makeup. I love the organic ingredients (they are 80% organic!) and lack of strange synthetic chemicals. It is nice to be able to identify most of the products on the ingredient list for a change! This lip balm has a great texture and does not cause my lips to become more dried out and chapped. It also has yet to leave "creases" or residue on my lips. Sometimes when I wear colored lip balm or lip gloss, it tends to leave a gross, thick, and separated layer on my lips. It is soft and moisturizing, and I know that the additional SPF protection can be very beneficial for my skin. This is great for the upcoming Fall/Winter months, where I always experience dry lips and constantly need to have a lip balm in my purse for easy access...why not have a fashionable lip balm, while also removing discomfort? The taste is also far from synthetic -- the All Good Lips SPF-18 Tinted Lip Balm tastes like peppermint, which is pleasant and refreshing. The pop of color, SPF protection, and moisturization together make the All Good Lips SPF-18 Tinted Lip Balm a great product and tool. 

The All Good Lips Tinted Lip Balm can be purchased here on the Elemental Herbs' website for just $4.99. You can also buy Elemental Herbs' products in select stores throughout the country, such as: Whole Foods, REI, Good Health Natural Foods, Nature's Way Health Foods, Kenco, Provisions Natural Foods Market, Kingdom Outdoors, etc.

Interested in learning more about Elemental Herbs and their products? Check out the links below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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