Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zaca Recovery Patches: Review

 Zaca Organics Six Zaca Recovery Patches for $15 52% off
 Zaca Recovery Patches are all natural, topical patches that can be applied to many areas of the body for the promotion of "feel-great mornings, clear-headedness and bright eyes". The organic ingredients range from antioxidants, to vitamins, to amino acids. There are no stimulants, no sugars, no harmful chemicals, no herbicides/fertilizers, and no calories to worry about. The ingredients are from non-GMO sources and contain no lactose, dairy, cholesterol, gluten, eggs, casein, peanuts or MSG. The FDA rates the ingredients in the Zaca Recovery Patches as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). Each package contains six, 1 inch x 1 inch patches; the patches are sticky on the back and have a gauze-like texture on the front. 

How does it work?

All you have to do is apply the Zaca Recovery Patch on any part of the body that is hairless, dry, and oil free (recommended but not necessary) before you go out for the night. The Patch is to be left on for twenty four hours. If you need to shower, or if you plan on swimming or getting wet, it is recommended that you do so before placing the patch, or wait until the twenty four hour period is almost up for full effectiveness.

Zaca Party Patches contain the following ingredients:

Vitamin C (3 mg), Lycopene (5 mg), NAC (3 mg), B1 (4 mg), Prickly Pear (3 mg), B5 (1 mg), B3 (2 mg), Magnesium (3 mg), Taurine (3 mg), Lipoic Acid (3 mg), Milk Thistle (5 mg)

Zaca Recovery Patches have gained a lot of media attention; they were featured in: The Doctors, The Denver Post, and on NBC. They have nearly a five star rating on Amazon, and for good reason.


Pictured above are some of the common places that Zaca users put their patches. I found that the upper arm locations are great if you are wearing short sleeves or long sleeves, and that the hip region is the best if you are wearing a dress or don't have sleeves to cover up your patch. The wrist might be a good place if you have a large, fancy bracelet or watch to accessorize with! 

Right now, as a limited time offer, you can order one pack of Zaca Recovery Patches (6 patches) for just $19.95 on their website, here. If you buy two packages of patches, it is just $39.95. If you buy six packages of patches, it is $109.95. I think that these make wonderful Christmas presents. If you buy one package, you can split them up as "stocking stuffers" for older "children" in the family!

Initially, of course, I looked at the Zaca Party Patches with some level of skepticism, though the idea caught my interest. I have heard the same thing as you have; hangovers are not curable. I have fallen victim to many "home remedies" in the past without triumph. I even remember my mom buying me some sort of "hangover juice" as a gag gift towards the end of college...and I remember it not working very well. The best I could ever come up with was some good old fashioned rest and maybe ginger ale and crackers. I decided to apply to review the Zaca Party Patches because I saw something different than the hoax-y drinks and pills on the market -- something natural and not harmful for your body. The patch interested me, because I know that infusing your body constantly with nutrients it is lacking is probably the best way to relieve dehydration and numb sickness. I know that IVs, while not the same, have this basic concept. 

Being in medical school, I no longer have the time to go out every weekend as I did in college. However, I still enjoy an outing every once in awhile, especially on mini breaks and after large tests. A few weekends ago, after my first week of very stressful exams, two of friends came to visit from college. I knew exactly what to do -- I grabbed the Zaca Party Patches as we were getting ready and convinced them to put them on as I was. I figured this was the best time to test the validity of the patches... you have to understand, I've had the same bottle of wine in my fridge for two and a half months. My tolerance is far depleted (which is okay with me, as it makes the night A LOT cheaper), and I was sure I was going to have a rough time waking up the next morning. My friends and I went out to dinner and then I took them to some clubs in the city. I consumed my fair share of alcohol, presumably, since I was dancing. Unfortunately, my friends ended up getting sick that night, so I can't really say that the patch worked for them. However, I went to bed without so much as a cracker or water to soak up any of the alcohol and I woke up feeling better than I ever do.

I placed the Zaca Party Patch on my lower stomach just prior to going to dinner, and I left it on until the following morning. I thought that it might have problems sticking to my skin all night (especially through dancing and all), but it stayed on just fine, despite rubbing on clothing. Usually if I drink a fair amount, I end up feeling "leeched" and lazy the next morning, whether it's enough to classify as a "hangover", or not. I hate the feeling, because it usually results in me wasting half of the day, laying in bed and watching television. I usually end up with a slight headache from dehydration, though I am fortunate not to get to that nauseous point very often. With the Zaca Party Patch on, I woke up at eight in the morning ready to go, just like any other day. I am still unwilling to drink most weekends just because I need the time to study, but it is nice to know that I might not have to worry if I ever do. Being a science-minded individual, I would like to try this several more times just to make sure that the patches continue to work for me, but so far, so good! I was lucky enough to receive plenty of Zaca Party Patches to use and to share with friends.

I also decided to try using the Zaca Patch on a typical Monday, where I start class at 8 am with a quiz. I then have four hours of lecture, a break for lunch, and then another high-stress oral quiz in anatomy. I have anatomy until five thirty; needless to say, Mondays are not my favorite days, and I am always lacking in energy from staying up the previous night to study for both quizzes. The Zaca Recovery Patch is not JUST for hangover alleviation...it can also help with the stress of a long day on little sleep. It can also help with relief from exercising, traveling, or altitude sickness. I often feel sluggish and crappy if I don't get at least five hours of sleep for a jam-packed day. The Zaca patch definitely helped in this manner as well. I felt more alert and refreshed wearing it, especially since I have been battling multiple illnesses in the past few weeks.
I love the Zaca Party Patches, because they are so easy and convenient -- you just stick it on and forget about it. You don't have to worry about taking some kind of pill with harsh chemicals, or drinking some disgusting mixture of stuff that is loaded with calories. The Zaca patches are stress-free, and you won't even remember that you are wearing them. The texture is very non-irritating, and it doesn't really hurt when you remove the patch. Nobody will know you are wearing it unless you put it in a place that isn't covered by clothing. 

Interested in learning more about Zaca Party Patches? Check out the links below:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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