Monday, June 9, 2014

Maximum African Mango: Review


Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

 Remember when I reviewed Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula by Omni Herbals? Well now I have another great Omni Herbals product to bring to your attention: Maximum African Mango. In case you need a recap about the company -

Omni Herbals is a company based out of Los Angeles, California, which manufactures nutritional supplements with high quality ingredients; their supplements are available for purchase throughout the country as well as internationally. Though not evaluated by the FDA, their ingredients are set to those, as well as GMP standards. Omni Herbals purchases only the purest raw materials, and has a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory where finished products are tested.

Omni Herbals also features the following products which will not be detailed in this review:

  • Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula - Formulated to help satisfy your hunger almost instantly to prevent you from stress-related eating and provides the confidence from a general feeling of wellness.
  • Raspberry Ketone Blast - Raspberry Ketones is the newest weight loss aid that has been blasted across television and major health news sites worldwide. Find out why!
  •  Virility3000 - Virility 3000TM is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients known to improve and maximize sexual function, increase libido & boost stamina.
  •  The Tattoo Pill - Helps to aid in the healing process for tattoos and other body modifications - Just as effective for non-tattooed people too!
  •  Omni Colon Cleanse - Delivers critical relief by not only allowing the body to detoxify itself but also to restore normal digestive functions. 

I was lucky enough to receive a one-month supply of Omni Herbals' Maximum African Mango for the purpose of this review. A one-month supply consists of 60 capsules. You can take 1-2 capsules per day as a dietary supplement. I loved Omni Herbals' Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula, so I was eager to apply for their other products. Once I find a company that manufactures herbal products that are safe and somewhat effective, I tend to stick with them and check out what else they have to offer. I was particularly excited about this supplement because the stress of medical school has negatively affected my diet and my health, and I am ready to get myself back on track and into a new routine.. I needed a little jumpstart!

So, what is Maximum African Mango and what can it potentially do for you?

The main ingredient in Maximum African Mango is, as you would expect, African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) extract. The African Mango tree is native to West Africa, and produces fruit that is very similar to what you would think of as a traditional mango. The seeds are what are used in this supplement, and they have a wide variety of possible, positive effects, such as:

  • Weight Loss
There are many ways that Maximum African Mango can help with weight loss, especially in combination with a lower calorie diet. These include decreasing a hormone called leptin which is responsible for controlling our appetite, cravings, and metabolism. Excess amounts of leptin are found in conditions such as obesity. African Mango also helps "slow digestion and absorption of dietary sugar". African Mango can help decrease weight, fat, and improve your waist circumference.
  • Lowering cholesterol levels
Some studies have shown that African Mango may reduce levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, while improving levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, especially in overweight patients. 

  • Improving blood glucose control
 Some studies have also shown that African Mango has implications in improving the control that diabetics have over their blood glucose, by lowering blood glucose levels. 

 Maximum African Mango contains the following ingredients:

A proprietary blend (450 mg) of: African Mango (seed) Extract (irvingia gabonensis), Guarana (seed) Extract, Kola Nut (seed) Extract), and Green Tea (Leaves) Extract. Other ingredients include Gelatin and magnesium stearate (vegetable source). 

We all know that green tea is a great addition to anyone's diet, especially in terms of boosting weight loss and metabolism. These are all natural ingredients that help increase the effects of African Mango extract. There are no chemicals or questionable extracts in this formula. African Mango, alone, was featured on the Dr. Oz show and is showing up in many nutritional journals.

Another great feature? Omni Herbals found that there are really no known side effects from Maximum African Mango. The only potential side effects that African Mango alone is known for are gas and headaches, but these are rarely reported. There have not been many studies conducted on taking African Mango while pregnant or breast feeding. On the Maximum African Mango website, you can find a lot of praise from customers, as well as on their Amazon page. 

Omni Herbals quotes the following clinical study in support of the effects of Maximum African Mango:

A double blind clinical study was performed using 102 random people divided into two groups. These groups were then given African Mango or a placebo 30 minutes before 2 meals daily and had their progress tracked for 4,8, and 10 weeks. After 10 weeks it was noted there was substantial improvements in weight, body fat and waistline as well as improved cholesterol and leptin levels.

Right now, you can purchase African Mango on the Omni Herbals' Maximum African Mango website here for just $24.95 for a single bottle. The more bottles you buy at once, the better the deal. Buy two bottles, and add only $19.99 for the additional bottle, buy three and add only $44.99 for the additional two bottles, and buy six and add only $99.95 for the five additional bottles. The best deal would be for purchasing a year's supply of Maximum African Mango -- add just $189.95 for all additional bottles!! Shipping is free on this product, which is awesome. You can also purchase Maximum African Mango on Amazon by clicking here, at $24.95 for a single bottle. 

My first favorite thing about Maximum African Mango and Omni Herbals alike is the fact that you don't have to be afraid to try it. The ingredient list isn't ten feet long and packed with harmful chemicals and unpronounceable names. The side effects are few, and you don't have to worry about the fact that it may not work for you. Why? Omni Herbals offers a 100% money back guarantee for 60-days. That means that if you are unhappy in any way and don't see any results, you can get your money back. This is a win-win situation to me, and I appreciate when companies offer this, because it shows me that they have more confidence in their products. I have to admit, I am one of those people who is extremely skeptical of the magical "weight loss" pill and spending tons of money trying to find it. I know that major weight loss only comes from healthy eating and adequate exercise. However, that being said, I think there are certain herbal formulas out there that can give you the confidence you need to jump start your diet.

I am writing this review really late, because, like I said, I had to go on a blogger hiatus due to the unforeseen circumstances of life. So I have been taking this for almost a month now, and I really feel like, combined with the start of my new diet, I am starting to see the beginning of results. I don't want to tell you that Maximum African Mango will help you shed sixty pounds quickly, or anything like that. If you're the type of person that wants to shave off 5-15 pounds, or wants to get a head start on taking off more weight, I think this is the ideal product. It is easy to take, once or twice a day -- I decided to take it twice a day at breakfast and dinner. I am seeing improvement in the scale, almost into the double digits. My diet is definitely a factor, so it is hard for me to separate these two components and tell you which is producing the weight loss. I don't necessarily think there needs to be a separation. I suggest taking this supplement while improving your diet, because I think that it helps boost it. 

I have felt a little less hungry, and I haven't been snacking at all. I am now eating only Greek yogurt for brunch, and cooking my own dinner which always has a healthy amount of vegetables and either soy or veggie burgers, or some type of lean meat. I only missed taking my Maximum African Mango once. I haven't yet added in the exercise component to my new lifestyle -- that starts this week. :) So these results are purely coming from eating a little less food and taking Maximum African Mango. I say hey, you have nothing to lose by trying it! Everybody's body reacts a little different, but I would love to see the results of someone taking this without altering their diet at all. I am going to keep this as a part of new lifestyle, because I believe that it does nothing but enhance the effects!

Want to learn more about Omni Herbals? Check out the links below:

Website #2 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 


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