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                 My blog is PR friendly! I love to review products and share my opinions with my readers, so please don't hesitate to ask. If you are interested in having me conduct a review, or sponsoring any future events/giveaways that I will be a part of, please email me at 

       My blog is focused on anything and everything that interests a 20-something. I tend to have an eye for and blog about modern, creative, chic, and unique trends and ideas. I am most passionate about beauty, fashion, and pets. I also have strong interests in health/fitness, going green, food, literature, games, and anything related to science. Since my interests are so varied, there are very few products that I will not find useful. However, I do not have children in my household, so reviews centered around children's products would take longer to conduct and would have less photos. My mother teaches in a Pre-K classroom where I occasionally volunteer, so this is where the products would be used. 

Available to Review for The Second Thought

-Me! A 24-year-old female
-One female (50+)
-One male (50+)
-One male (24)
-One dog (Cocker Spaniel/Pomeranian mix, 4 years old)
-One Cat
-Pre-K children

About Me

      I have a page which goes into more detail, but here is the quick version! My name is Jessica, I'm 24-years-old, and I currently reside in a small hamlet in the middle of central New York. I graduated with a B.A. in Biology from SUNY Purchase. I work at a local grocery store as a service leader and I volunteer as a Patient Advocate and Cath Lab Waiting Room Attendant at the hospital. I'm an avid writer and aspire to be a freelance makeup artist. I was just accepted to medical school and will matriculate as the class of 2017, in August!


      Product reviews are a good way to increase your company's traffic and to expose potential consumers to your products. In order to review a product, I must be able to tangibly test it. In order to do so, it is usually best to have a full-sized product. This would not be returned to you. At this time, I do NOT take monetary compensation for reviews -- just products! I am happy to include specific links to your social media sites, or keywords that might help draw people to my review in order to find out about your company. I can include information given to me that is not posted on a company website. My reviews are 100% honest! I tend to focus on the positive aspects of a product. If there are things that I do not like, I either will not mention them (if it is not a critical point), or mention them briefly. If, for example, a product broke while using it, or maybe didn't do what it was intended to, I would simply email you and let you know. Rather than post a fully negative review, I would offer the option of not posting one at all. This way, my integrity is preserved, but so is your company's. I will not post fabrications or pre-formatted reviews. I will post the most thorough review possible, with links to your website and a general overview of your company. Then, I will more directly and fully review the product(s) that I have received. I will post pictures as appropriate. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, I use Rafflecopter to host them. I will ask for any mandatory entries -- for example, if you would like readers entering the giveaway to "like" your Facebook page, or to visit your website and find out something intriguing to report back. Giveaways really increase traffic to your social media sites, because I do my best to advertise them in every way possible. I collect the winner's information, and after verifying, I would email you the name and mailing address. I just ask that you mail the product to the winner in whatever time frame is comfortable. I also take sponsors for events, where many blogs get together to host "themed" giveaways and reviews. In this case, I would post your sponsor spotlight review and giveaway together, and you would benefit from the increased traffic of the other blogs as well. I try to have all product reviews up within 1-2 weeks of receiving them, unless the product requires a longer time of use. I claim 3 weeks for book reviews, just to be safe ( I usually get them done faster!). 

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These change daily, so here is a link to my Twitter, Facebook, and G+. My current Alexa page rank can be found on the main page of my blog on the lower right hand column. My GFC readers can be found on the middle right hand side, and my Networked Blogs readers can be found on the lower left hand side. I can provide you with the number of Feedburner subscribers or unique monthly page views by email, if you request it.

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My disclosure policy can be found on the main page of my blog at the very bottom, under all the content. I also have pledged to "blog with integrity" -- my button is also on the main page of my blog.